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Top Tips When Investing In Antique Jewellery


Just like any investment, there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t in order for things to go smoothly. As you are parting with a large sum of money, you want to get things right the first-time round. This article will reveal how to do just that so when it comes to investing in antique jewellery, you do it like a pro.

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Antique Jewellery Investment

No matter what your reasons for investing are, there are some things every investor should be aware of. It’s not only about the item you buy but also about where you buy it that will dictate if the gems you’ve purchased will maintain value. The chances are you could even end up earning a profit as time goes by but if you do it wrong, you could risk missing out.

  • Buy for the right price

The lower you buy the jewellery at the more chance you have of making a profit. However, the value of the item can often be influenced by the fluctuations of the gemstone market. This means that high quality pieces are more precious than all of it put together. It’s also crucial to remember the importance of the stone. If it is a big part of the jewellery, it can dramatically increase its overall value.

  • Do check for pearls

If you are considering going for a vintage item with pearls, this is a wise choice. It was around 1920 that pearls became affordable but before then they were extremely rare and worth huge amounts. The value of them has now been recognized which has a positive impact in the price they fetch, almost doubling in worth.

  • Do buy a quality brand with style

Good brands that stand the test of time are a reasonable choice to make. Also buying pieces that stand out and have stylistic flare is also a wise choice so the experts say. Edwardian jewellery has the character as well as Georgian. They also feature some truly beautiful gemstones from topaz to sapphire.

  • Do try and get an item with a hallmark

If you are lucky enough to come across a rare piece which has the designer’s initials on, you are definitely onto a winner. Even though it may be obscure, they are worth searching out. You may need to use a magnifying glass to get up close and personal but this can cause your item to have even more value.

These tips will help you when investing your money and time in searching for antique items. Putting them into action could mean the difference between a transaction failing or going successfully.

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