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Travel 3 Fun Things to Do in Fisher Mall Quezon City

It was a weekday holiday for Geof’s school and there were no classes. We wanted to go some place new, and I was planning to get a new tattoo on my ring finger. Just a small one, the Aries zodiac sign (my sign!). I remembered that my tattoo artist, Ana Nikolai works at Kulture of Ink and they have a branch at Fisher Mall. Perfect!

#3 Eat at Pedro N Coi Fisher Mall Branch QC



Pedro n Coi is a Filipino style restaurant owned and maintained by Shamcey Supsup and her husband.



It’s interior alone is evidence of her architectural skills



Geof definitely enjoyed riding the fake jeep and playing around Fisher Mall



Their lemonade and cucumber is a must-try



Baby geof having fun as a jeepney driver for the day



At 175php you get an assortment of street food like squid balls, kikiam, kwek kwek and chicken skin. Perfect for barkadas.



Their liempo sinigang is yummy too. You know that the broth has been simmered for a long time because it’s very flavorful. The liempo is crisp too upon serving. Eat it while it’s crunchy!


#2 and #1 Sugar Ray


Sugar Ray is a Sports Pub slash Tattoo Parlor slash Gaming Center. You can do a lot of things here especially if you’re a comic book, gaming, or tattoo enthusiast.



Remember Zoltar from the movie Splash (Tom Hanks Darryl Hannah/ Mermaid!)



It’s the real deal! Only 20php to play



Geof loved it



We also played Mortal Kombat on their Playstation 3



Chill. Relax.



and as a souvenir, a tattoo of my zodiac sign on my ring finger (Sorry Ryan! Last na talaga!)



 I’m currently re-writing this post and looking back, looks like I have to go back to Fisher Mall to get a brand new tattoo and eat at Pedro N Coi (I miss their sinigang!!!)

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