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Travel Diary: Pico De Loro Hike (Newest Route)

Thanks to Pantene and one of my favorite PR friends Campaigns and Grey AND Travel Factor;  I was invited to a day of adventure. A hike to Pico De Loro!



I already climbed the peak of Mt. Pulag so I thought conquered Pico De Loro was a piece of cake



 I was dead wrong. It was an uphill climb, like doing 4000 steps of lunges. Front and rear.



Not recommended if you lacked sleep and climbed drunk. (I came from an a late night event, the call-time for Pico was 4am so… do the math. No sleep!) Am I going to get bad rep for a photo holding a beer? Hello to hypocrites! 😛



Though it was a challenge



The view of the rainforest



Away from the city


Meeting new people



and pointing to nuno-sa-punso (evil fairies) *bites fingers* was all worth it.



It took us around 3 hours to reach the top, and another 2 to return below






Best with friends and loved ones! I came in with Meriam from Cosmo, Martha of Beauty Junkie and Phy from PhyiliciaMarie 🙂 Masarap kasama yung mga katulad nila na hindi maarte! ^_^



With Pantene Total Care I can totally #DoItAll


The 45php goto, we were starving afterwards!


Thank for sending us a complete bath kit! Grabe after the climb we were so dirty and sticky that a tabo-bath was so comforting!



I’m too lazy to plan trips now, so Travel Factor is your best bet if you want to go here in groups of climb solo. It costs around 2k per person, without the hassle of planning everything yourself.


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