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Travel Thoughts: Take Me Back to San Francisco

I left my heart… in San Francisco. I do hope that song rings a bell in your ear or else I’ll feel a lot older than I should. Haha! It’s been 5 years since I last visited the good ol’ city of cool summers, fog, and eclectic architecture.


Not even as a tourist, I came there as a temporary employee when I used to work for Chevron Holdings as a Business Analyst.


While I appreciate the fact that I stayed there for almost 3 months. I didn’t get to enjoy it as much because I went to work Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm. Just like back home in the Philippines.


I was also “semi-alone” and was in the company of a few friendly co-workers and the most hospitable distant relatives ever (thank you for adopting me for 3 months!)


The sights, the food, the people. I wish I can come back. As a freelance working single mom, I just can’t prioritize travels to expensive destinations like San Francisco. I can, but just not now. It’s hard to save money no! If I had extra I’d rather save it or invest it for macho kid’s future. I’m sure you guys can relate! Thankfully there are on-line contests like this one from Goya. Where we get the chance to travel all-expense paid…. if we win! HAHA


Goya recently launched the “Get a Taste of World Class Promo”. This is Goya’s way of giving its loyal Chocoholics a chance to taste and experience the world’s best. By letting its loyal patrons taste flavors from all over the world, the brand gives them a better appreciation of what world-class should be, and discover for themselves how world-class the taste of Goya is.


The “Get a Taste of World Class Promo” will bring four lucky winners and their chosen companion to some of the most exciting cities around the globe. Three lucky winners will each receive two round-trip tickets to one of these world-class destinations: San Francisco, New York, and London. And if that isn’t exciting enough, the grand prize winner, will win a six-day, all-expense paid trip to the city of Love, Paris, France!

With Goya’s “Get a Taste of World Class” Promo, not only do chocoholics get to enjoy the taste of world-class chocolates, they also get the chance to win that dream trip to these destinations. Best of all, joining it is so easy!

Here’s how you can join:

2018-01-21 23_10_55-(2) goya chocoholics - Facebook Search

1. Like the Goya Chocolates Facebook Page ( )

2018-01-21 23_12_01-

2. Go to your Facebook Profile and tap on your Profile Pic. From the options tab, select Add Frame.Go to Frames From Pages You Like section and select the frame from Goya Chocolates.

3. Make this as your Profile Pic for 1 week. PM your screenshot to Goya Chocolates Page.

This profile pic qualifies as your raffle entry. We will be releasing 6 frames in a 6 week period. You can
change your profile pic every week to get more chances of winning.

One (1) frame with minimum one week use = One (1) Raffle Entry. For more information on the promo, simply visit the Goya Chocolates Facebook Page





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