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Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain (Review, Photos, Swatches)

Thank you so much to Eman of Revlon Philippines for these lovely new lippies!!!!! *jumps* Like shoes, us girls can’t get enough of lipsticks. There isn’t any shade that really LOOKS exactly the same and there are a variety of textures and finishes that we can choose from. Revlon recently launched their latest one and it’s Colorstay Moisture Stain! Imagine a colorstay lipstick that drenches your lips with moisture and lasts for a long long long long time.

I got it in 4 colors that is aptly named with the premiere fashion capitals of the world.

L-R: LA Exclusive, Parisian Passion, Milan Moment, New York Scene



LA Exclusive
 is a cool pink that has just the right amount of pigment. It’s quite pale when applied so it’s best for cool or neutral toned skins. Please pair this with a bright blush or tightlined eyes so you won’t look pale.



Parisian Passion
A my favorite, now that it’s fall season once more and plums are quite the trend. It’s not so dark that it makes you look mature. Just enough to make you look sophisticated.



Milan Moment
is a really fun wearable orange that just gives a tint so it doesn’t make you look like an Oompa Loompa or a clown. It’s best on pastels or green clothing.



New York Scene
Is a bright strawberry red leaning towards the pink end of the spectrum. It’s not my favorite because it is not red enough. It’s pretty nonetheless and will suit all skintones since it’s very natural.


Before anything else, I’M SO LOVING MY SKIN RIGHT NOW. People have been asking what I use but it’s a whole bunch of different products and experiments! But take note, when I feature things it must be really good, or horribly bad. Okay, let’s head on to the review.
It has a really cool feeling once applied, imagine flubber moving around your lips. I had to blot it down because it is a stain after all. Leaving you with a natural color that lasts throughout the day with minimal retouching. Probably after drinking a couple of glasses of water or finishing your meal. It’s one of my favorite revlon lipcolor, after Revlon’s Colorstay Balm which is another long lasting and moisturizing lipstick of theirs.
This lipstick has a very unique consistency, something between gel, water, and slime. In a pleasant kind of way. I definitely recommend this to girls who are suffering from dry lips and want their puckers to look oh so soft and kissable. *mwah*
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What shade do you think suits me best? 🙂


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