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Travel: Van Gogh is Bipolar Maginhawa QC

Who says travel has to be in another country? Or a different province? Heck I think travel can be another street, another city. Hehehe.. Last week I was bored and my cousin Charms went to QC to have our “future read” and “theta healed” and some other spiritual chenes. It didn’t work. It was held at 3rd Eye Wellness and we prolly didn’t get the good reader.



Oh crap I forgot to watermark my photos


They have an assortment of pretty tarot cards to choose from



The reader we got sucked. She got all her readings wrong and it didn’t do anything for us


So I had ice cream. The food sucked at 3rd Eye Wellness
Van Gogh is Bipolar



Anyway instead of grumbling and mumbling we decided to head off and get dinner at Van Gogh is ipolar. People said it used to have a reservation system before you can dine but this year is different. They’re now open (yes!) Mondays to Sundays except Tuesdays.


It’s an enchanting place. Small but mesmerizing. People are welcoming too.


Oh and a video of me… with a magical surprise because of the raw egg! Woohoo!


I ordered the “customized” menu where the chef, chose what to serve me.


You can wear masks too or hats if you like.



I enjoyed so much I forgot to take photos of my food.




I shall definitely return though


My cousin enjoying the vibe and ambiance


Their love potion iced tea. It tasted odd, a mixture of different leaves fruits and spices maybe?


In prep for the Mel Gibson shot with dark belgian chocolate chaser (FAVE!)




I shall return to Van Gogh is Bipolar. It’s such a comfortable environment for someone like me who is bipolar.

Van Gogh is Bipolar 
154 Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, Kalakhang Maynila
Open Mondays-Sundays (except Tuesdays)
11-3PM 6-12MN

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