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Why Bloggers (Some) Cannot be Compared to Journalists

This was written August 24 2015. I wrote this in response to a thread of comments on facebook where bloggers were butt hurt on Ryan’s joke about bloggers. It’s sitting on my drafts for months and decided what the hell. Might as well post it. Take note, I am a blogger and coincidentally I am his girlfriend so…. I’m publishing this out of a single reason. I want to.

Recently, the first Grand Winner of  It’s Showtime Contest “Funny One” Ryan Rems Sarita is getting a lot of flak on the internet over his recent jokes on his Banana Split Guesting. The popular reaction is quite expected for the majority of Filipinos. Butt hurt. No wonder we’re going nowhere. A slight nudge and we overreact.
Here are just some of the reactions on the internet.
from: Barako Newsline Facebook


from: Barako Newsline Facebook
First let’s start with a proper definition.


The term blogger was originated from 2 words. Bio and Log. It’s a person sharing his/her life, photos, opinions, and commentaries  thru writing it on the internet.


#1 It’s A JOKE

Do I need to explain any further?



The blogger of obviously wrote this article to generate a lot of views on his webpage. Knowing that a lot of bloggers would react to the joke. He’s obviously stirring up controversy.

#3 Real Journalists Don’t Take Offense

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Have you seen Noli De Castro? Korina Sanchez? Ted Failon, giving their time of day to their critics? NOPE. They  just go on and continue their jobs being journalists. We take ourselves too seriously that we forget the essence of it all.

#4 The Feeling of Self-Entitlement

Just because we are bloggers, doesn’t mean we should be put on a pedestal. Sure we get more perks than regular folks but we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves.
I’m a blogger but I will never claim to be a journalist. It takes a certain level of professionalism to be able to call yourself the latter.  Why take jokes seriously?

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