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Korean Makeup Tutorials – Step-by-step Instructions with Pictures

Korean Makeup, complete Step-by-step tutorial with pictures! Compiled and collected from different sources, most speciallythe popular Korean Makeup Blogger Ulzzang Pony. All images are copyright to her.  It just seemed more simpler if the looks would be saved in one location and translated in English!

Korean makeup is getting popular nowadays because it’s the perfect combination of youth and sexiness with an ethereal quality.
To those who do not know yet, Ulzzang means “Perfect Face” in Korea and besides the popular plastic surgery, good makeup is another way to look pretty naturally 🙂

  1. Ulzzang Pony #1 : Korean Makeup Tutorial
  2. Ulzzang Pony #2 : Korean Makeup Tutorial : Golden Cat
  3. Ulzzang Pony #3 : Korean Makeup Tutorial : Pony Paradise
  4. The Power of Makeup : Yes Everyone can be BEAUTIFUL
  5. Ulzzang Pony #4: Highlight & Contour
  6. Ulzzang Pony #5: Dream Like
  7. Ulzzang Pony #6: Pink Sparkle
  8. Ulzzang Pony #7: Smokey
  9. Ulzzang Pony #8 : Brown Smokey Eye
  10. Tutorial: Ulzaang Pony #28 Sweet Pea
  11. Ulzzang Pony # 31 : Miss Party
  12. The Most Comfortable Natural Looking Circle Lenses EVER
  13. Pony Korean Tutorial: Gold Champagne Makeup
  14. Makeup Magic: How to Make Eyes Bigger

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