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Update 11-3-11 KikaysiKat 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

Update 11-3-11: MORE Prizes. MORE winners. So join now! Oh and my aunt is going to europe again so an actual bag picture will be posted very soon *wink wink* If you have any colors in mind, please do post it here after you’ve joined.

Well, technically yes ūüôā Lil ol me wanted to have a domain of her own.. a website with a name that actually is related to what she talks about. All things kikay! ūüôā

so please please please please please rename your bookmarks to and spread the word!

So why rename the blog that has been long known as When Chic Hits the Pan? – Because the name of my blog is so looooong and whenever someone asks what my blog is, most of them, even my friends, don’t get it right. Vic, my officemate told me she only remember “When Chic” haha!


Kikay РIs a filipino slang which means all things girly and fun.
Sikat¬†– Means “popular” in Filipino (how I wish.. :p)
Kat РMy name!

connect-connect-connect! Oh and did I mention it’s a lot shorter now, so I guess it would be easier to remember ^_________^

I also want to thank my hubby for creating this wonderful new banner to match my new domain! I love you so much!¬†And to my loyal followers and readers who have been with me all throughout the stages of my life from being single, married, pregnant, mommy, and back to being everything at once! Here’s a treat for you!

A Longchamp Le Pliage as Grand PRIZE (bag size and color will depend on availability)

A skincare loot which includes my favorite skincare products for the 1st runner up

1. 5 packs of vitapack beauty
2. 1 box of Diamond Orange Peel Soap
A makeup loot which includes my favorite makeup products for the 2nd runner up
1. Pure Beauty Jasmine BB Cream

ALL BRAND NEW and ORIGINAL. Of course ūüôā

and another prize for the 3rd runner up courtesy of our super long time sponsor… HBC!¬†5 DIAMOND PEEL Gift Certificates

Here’s how to join:
1. Must be a follower of Kikay si Kat.
2. Must follow @kikaysikat on twitter.
2. Blogger? Repost this message and link to the new
3. Tweeter? Re-tweet this link.
4. Leave a comment including your email ad (so I can contact you) on to where you shared this page.
5. Contest ends¬†January 1¬†so there’s plenty of time for everyone to share. Winner will be picked thru the online random name picker.
6. There can only be one super winner

As simple as that!!!! Effortless! So join now! ūüôā
It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for all the support ūüôā¬†

=Love lots,

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