On Quitting My Day Job to Pursue Passion
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On Quitting My Day Job to Pursue my Passion

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It didn’t happen by accident. It wasn’t even intentional. To be honest I miss my day job. But since I’m here, panindigan ko na. I originally shared this story on my Facebook timeline. Decided to transfer here for safekeeping.

The Story

I will never forget the time my mom called me after I enrolled in Journalism in UST.

“You passed Computer Science in PLM, can you withdraw your enrollment there? Mas madaming opportunities ang maalam sa computer”

She wasnt wrong. I had the best paying jobs working in the IT Industry. I loved technology, etc but not in “that” way.. I wasn’t truly happy.

I found my way into BLOGGING. It’s where I poured all my heart out kasi my passion is really sharing what I learn along the way.

Long story short. I managed to somehow fuse what I learned in the IT Industry with my passion.

This is more than just the money. To be honest this isnt the most financially stable career and you have to keep hustling. But in my case the pros trumps the cons.

  • I get to spend more time with my son who needs it the most kasi I’m a single mom.
  • Writing and creating just feels natural to me
  • Getting exposed to different people, things, and places lets me grow as a human in so many meaningful ways
  • Less time wasted commuting in PH traffic on a daily basis

TIME is the most valuable possession I consider to have and pursuing what I love doing just gave me more of that. TIME > MONEY. Of course we all need $$$ to survive and have a comfortable living, but I don’t need much. Just enough.

It took a long time.. But I found my way back to where my heart is <3

Uy.. Valentine’s day pala. Another capitalist-made event to make people spend more. Hahaha


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