Upgrading: changing your bedroom from bleak to chic

There is something about bedrooms that stop us from putting as much effort into them as other rooms. Perhaps, it’s the fact that it’s rare for others to see this room and therefore, reception rooms, the kitchen and bathroom receive a much larger proportion of your time. We are encouraging you to stop in your tracks and give your bedroom some well-deserved TLC. It’s time to turn it from bleak to chic.

Wall coverings

Paint can look great, but it leaves a lot to be desired when the surface of the walls is bumpy and uneven. In that case, wallpaper with a slight texture to it might be a better choice. Alternatively, have someone re-plaster the walls and you’ll be able to paint onto a beautifully smooth surface. If glamour is your thing, rose golds are very popular. Paired with the right soft furnishings, your bedroom could look incredibly expensive and luxurious. 


You’ll spend around one third of your time in bed sleeping, so it’s important to choose something with which you’re truly happy. If you’re hoping to emulate a deluxe feel, a four-poster bed could be the perfect choice. Faux velvet bed frames might be an option too. Be sure to consult a mattress size chart to pick the correct size as they aren’t cheap and it’s not something you’ll plan to replace in the near future. Most last between eight and ten years before needing replacing. Along with the style of bed and mattress, take time choosing appropriate bedding that will match your desired look. White has an unrivalled elegance about it, but choose a more expensive fabric to ensure it washes well and lasts.


Are you the sort of person who loves to take off their slippers and feel the soft, bouncy carpet beneath their feet? If so, it’s obvious that you’d be best off opting for a carpet. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, so don’t choose the cheapest one you find in the colour of your choice. It’s likely that it won’t be thick enough, even with underlay, which is a must, and will wear quickly. Replacing a carpet does not come cheap and, as with the mattress, it is not something you will want to do for a significant period of time. For those with allergies or households with pets, wooden flooring is a better option as it holds a lot less dust and dirt. 

Finishing Touches

This is where you can really stamp your style onto the room. Whether you want flamboyant cushions, fake flower arrangements or an enormous canvas from a photo you took on your honeymoon, anything goes really. We’re talking soft furnishings, curtains or blinds, light fittings, lampshades and any ornaments. If the rest of the things have taken up all of your budget, consider this part a challenge. Raid your local charity shops for quirky items that fit your desired look. Alternatively, consider upcycling. There are endless ideas for repurposing items into useful household items on sites like Pinterest. Let your creative juices flow! 

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