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En Natural Green Smoothie for Weight Loss


Glad I discovered En Natural Green Smoothie for Weight Loss. My mom is stubborn, maybe a lot of you are like my mom. She always tells me how busy she is to excercise, or too tired, or too sleepy. She’s also the type of person who believes easily on those false advertisements online that claims to make you get a 24 inch waistline by just taking their miracle product. NOT. I roll my eyes whenever my mom gets gullible like that. That’s why I did my research and looked for a supplement that can support her goal without really having false claims. Something natural and healthy.


As I promised in my “Best Weight Loss Supplements” blog post, I would never feature or review a product that can be harmful to our bodies. I will never feature dangerous pills not approved by the FDA, or those that claim to make you lose weight by itself. I always provide a disclaimer that if you want to be fit and sexy, you have to make a lifestyle change. Do not depend on product intake alone.

  • What? En Natural Green Smoothie
  • Where to Buy? Cheskas Store
  • How much? 1,400php good for 1 month


 How En Natural Green Smoothie Works

en Natural Green Smoothie contains more than hundreds of quality mixed fruits, vegetable, and active enzymes. It’s not about how much ingredients the product used, it’s about the quality and effectiveness of the product.

  • Soluble Fibers – They lower the blood cholesterol (LDL) by interfering with the absorption of dietary cholesterol
  • Non-Soluble Fibers – They prevent constipation. These fibers do not dissolve in water so they pass in our stool together with food and waste.
  • Enzymes – They turn the food we eat into energy and unlock this energy use for the body while removing the toxins.It promotes metabolism and tissue repair. Not only will you slim down naturally, the product will also help you gain beautiful and supple skin.



  • Put about 8.5g of powder (1 scoop or 2 heaping tablespoons)  into the 100cc (1 cup) of glass water or any drink of your favor.
  • You can substitute with milk or yogurt to make it more delicious
  • It’s a perfect nutritious breakfast or meal substitute that you can drink in one go



  • Blend of 18 kinds of vegetables and fruits and 100 kinds of enzymes.
  • 17g of powder contains 8300mg of dietary fiber which improves digestion.
  • 20 hundred million Lactic acid bacterium also support digestion
  • Main ingredients are natural ingredients, additive free, color free, sweetener free. It is sweetened with Stevia
  • Vegetable enzyme extract 200mg in per 17g of powder



My mom is definitely excited with taking En Natural Green Smoothie. She told me the taste is mildly sweet, like a mixture of apples and melons with some greens in it. It’s not dessert so don’t expect it to be delicious. But it’s tolerable. She said that her bowel movement has become regular and her headaches lessened. Now with the weight loss, I hope she exercises so it works better!!! Kasi if she doesn’t change her lifestyle, syempre she’ll still stay FAT.


This is my mom after 1 month of taking Orihiro Night Diet Tea together with En Natural Green Smoothie. She lost a total of 5lbs without diet and exercise. My mom is LAZY AF even if I keep on telling her to go with me to the gym. It’s frustrating that she’s dependent on supplements. I can’t help it. It’s her choice. What can I do? Well, after this she’s trying out Vitapack Slimaluma for 2 months and I’m crossing my fingers she at least do cardio or zumba *rolls eyes*