Want to make your home look less cluttered? Here’s how 

Maintaining a neat house can be challenging while having a full-time job, a family and pets. By the time you’ve finished cleaning the house, someone has already thrown their clothes next to the basket or left the dishes in the sink. These things can be exasperating, especially if you’re single-handedly doing chores. And even if you ask for help from time to time, people have different views on what’s clean or not. 

But there are some ways to make your home feel a certain way, and with a plan and some time spent on Pinterest, you may be able to transform your house into a place that always seems clean, regardless of the mess. 

Here are our tips. 

Choose darker colours 

If you can change the furniture’s colours, we recommend that you get everything in darker colours, as dirt and spots are not that easy to spot. Of course, a house that’s mostly white seems cleaner, but every small stain is visible to the naked eye. 

Plus, darker colours in house decorations are easy to implement in the design of your rooms, and they’re easy to maintain. On the other hand, if there’s a challenging spot to clean on a white fibre couch, it may be impossible to get cleaned. 

Darker colours are also in trend. Deep blues, moody accents and dark floors are incredibly good-looking if you can do a richer colours scheme for your house. 

Decorate rooms with plants and flowers 

There are many reasons why you’d fill your house with plants. For example, they can purify the air, which is healthy for you and your family. At the same time, plants that look nice can help you calm down in periods of stress since you’re closer to nature. 

Regardless of the plants you’d like inside or outside, getting some cute planters will make it easier to move plants in a way they seem arranged. Some of the most impressive indoor plants include the spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, and the string of hearts. These will surely transform your living room into a real urban jungle. 

If you also want to get plants outdoors but don’t have much time for maintenance, look for bigger flower pots that can fit the Persian shield, First Frost Hosta, and the desert rose. These plants are best for drought-prone weather, so if you live in a hot climate, don’t worry about plants not thriving with little water and some care. 

Take ten minutes to clean daily 

After a thorough cleaning session, it seems almost impossible to maintain the cleaning for longer. And although living with people makes it harder, and even if you’re alone time is scarce, you can set a timer. 

This simple yet powerful method will allow you to do something every day without feeling the burden of daily tasks. So simply take your phone or any traditional timer and set it to ten minutes, minimum. You can even start with five minutes, but the idea is that if you’re beginning something, at least you’re getting something done rather than nothing. 

You may not believe it, but there are many things you can do in ten minutes, such as emptying the garbage, putting shoes away, wiping some counters and even vacuuming. At the same time, there are special tasks that can take ten minutes, such as floor mopping, bathroom cleaning or tidying the kid’s room. 

Hide belongings in drawers and closets 

This may sound like a sneaky trick, but it doesn’t mean that you simply throw all objects into the drawers without cluttering them. The idea is to get more closets and drawers in which you can organise your stuff, so you can keep things cluttered while also having an assigned place to hide them. 

For example, you can have drawers where you keep certain things. In the living room, you can have the closet for your kid’s toys only, while the kitchen should be packed with drawers for each type of cutlery and accessory. You can label each box to know what’s inside, so it’ll be easier to put things back inside after use. 

There are also other ways to create designed spaces for one product type. Here are some of the most common drawer designs made especially for certain things:

  • File drawers are designed to store files that can be organised alphabetically or by date;
  • Tray drawers are perfect for storing food as they’re easy to each;
  • Stackable drawers are perfect for gathering small items;
  • Recliner drawers can also be used for sitting on them, but can hold things like magazines or books;
  • Aluminium drawers are made of metal frames and hard plastic that can hold heavy-duty objects;

Rearrange rooms 

Finally, create a more cluttered space by simply rearranging the room. You can look for help through magazines and websites specialised in interior design. Sometimes, things may seem messy because we’re so used to how the room is arranged. At the same time, the current way of organising furniture may be outdated. 

Some tips that can help you get an idea of what you should be approaching include the following:

  • Depending on the function of the room, you should focus on creating spaces for conversation (for the living room), areas for dining (for the kitchen) and zones for relaxing (in bedrooms);
  • Consider the traffic flow of the room to decide if you should leave the space with fewer decorations or fill it with furniture;
  • Experiment with different angles of the room. Place the furniture in the opposite way of what it’s like now and see if it fits your vision;

Bottom line 

When you don’t have enough time to clean your house or are simply not enjoying its current décor, you can follow the tips above and see if they work in the long run. Of course, it would be best to keep a minimum of cleanliness, but sometimes, you can skip a few steps to make your house look presentable. 

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