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Rainy Day Makeup Tips

Do you love the rain? Because I do! The cool breeze, the sound of rain drops on the roof. It’s calming. It’s bed weather. The type where you’d just like to stay at home, cozy while eating a bowl of your favorite soup.

Sadly this isn’t the case for most of us. As much as we’d like to stay in the comfort of our homes, most of us have to go out in to the world, facing the storm, to go to work or wherever we have to be. Then, the thing we dread, when our makeup smudge, smear, melt because of the humidity and moisture; even with an umbrella.

How do we protect our makeup from the rain?? Here’s several tips!


Rainy Day Makeup Tip #1 – BB Creams are your Best Friend


BB Creams are quite notorious for being waterproof and hard to budge. It’s better than most foundations It’s natural finish makes your skin glowing and flawless amidst the gloomy weather. Here are several waterproof BB creams I have tried already.
As much as I’d want to review long-wearing makeup such as Revlon Colorstay, it just looks too unnatural and heavy to wear during daytime. 

Rainy Day Makeup Tip #2 – LipCote Your Lips


If you don’t have a lipcote, a long-wearing lipstick such as Max Factor’s Lipfinity will do the trick. What they do is instead of coating your lips with just pigment, their product infuses it with a film of gel that ensures the pigment stays on and on even with drinking, or droplets of rain.
Retouching lipstick is easy but won’t it be nice if everything just stayed put? 

Rainy Day Makeup Tip #3 – Glasses to protect your Eye Makeup


I rarely wear eyeshadows but I BARELY wear eyeglasses because I have 20/20 vision. But when I want to ensure that my eye makeup stay put, I use extra protection and wear eye glasses. It becomes windshield for our eyes.
We all know this, even with a good primer, if our eyes get caught in the rain and a LOT since the wind drives it in, it fades, it melts, it smears. Eyeglasses give us an extra layer of protection. We can take it off when we arrive at our destination 

Rainy Day Makeup Tip #4 – Dead Give-away but Get a Good Mascara!


Japanese mascaras are THE BOMB when it comes to waterproofing. My favorites are Heroine Make (they also have waterproof eyebrow pencils) and Majolica Majorca because they are not so expensive as high-end brands but works even better!
These little buggers will keep your lashes curled, primped, and pretty despite heavy rains!

Rainy Day Makeup Tip #5 – 2 Words. Benefit. Benetint.


If you don’t have budget to buy benetint. Ellana’s Lip and Cheek Tint also works like a charm! I prefer using tints instead of powder blushers when it’s raining hard outside because once you smooth it on, it sticks. The humidity and moisture won’t melt off your blush leaving your cheeks still rosy. It will look natural too. It will make you look like you’re just naturally flushing because of the chilly weather
Hope you enjoyed my tips! I do this often recently because as you know, tag-ulan nanaman sa Pinas!
Stay pretty!


  • Kaycee Enerva

    I almost forgot about Max Factor Lipfinity! My first lipstick was from this line. Biglang walk down memory lane ang drama ko ngayon. Thanks for the tips though I really don't have to deal with traffic because I am a stay-at-home mommy and yes I love rain! Mas maigi ng malamig kesa mainit! Heehee. Take care, Kat! x

  • Kaycee Enerva

    I used Ellana Lip and Cheek tint and it really do wonders on my skin! Instant blush that lasts up to 5 hours, but when I put it on my lips, the color lasts only up to 3 hours. :/ But overall, it is such a good product, affordable pa 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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