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Watsons Bath to Basics Spa Party! (Plus something for you!)

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How many times to you bathe in a day? I’m sure most of you kikay pinays have bathing habits that you gals take a bath more than once! Our weather is to blame, it’s too hot and it feels so nice to tuck in your covers with a clean dirt-free hair and body. Besides putting makeup, taking a bath is another of my favorite ritual. It just gives me the time to relax, clean, and think.
Last July 10, 2014 yours truly, kikaysikat, was invited to a special spa party by Watsons Philippines together with other lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines. It was truly a memorable event!
We’re also giving away 2 BDT Watsons Pampering Kit to 2 Lucky Readers!!! Details below.


The first part was were their special speaker, Ms. Olen Lim, discussed how important it was to have proper grooming habits being a girl. She gave us tips, and also unforgettable do’s and don’ts like;
 “Don’t go out with wet hair!” “Don’t sleep with makeup on!” “Moisturize moisturize moisturize!”
We also had an open forum where we shared different bath myths. I shared mine with “Don’t shampoo everyday” I’m glad the other bloggers agreed. Shampooing our hair on a daily basis will leave it dry. If it’s not so dirty, we can do this every other day. Conditioning our hair however, is a different factor.
The lovely Olen Lim

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 We’re listening attentively as Ms. Olen discusses the different do’s and don’ts, how to look and feel great and how it helps to love your body.  We also learned that Watsons Philippines launched this specific Bath to Basics campaign to educate people about their bath habits to achieve better health and skin.



Trying to be wacky!
Bloggers with Ms. Olen Lim. She’s so pretty! <3



Ohhhh the next part of the Spa Party was exciting! We were treated to an hour of body scrub courtesy of Ki Neo Day Spa at BGC. It was my first time to have a body scrub. Well, I do scrub myself using my favorite A Bonne milk scrub but this was my first time that someone else will scrub for me. O_O
I was paired up with Camie Juan of, I’m glad I paired up with her. She’s very friendly and easy to be with. Wala syang arte! 🙂


With Camie Juan of Wild-Spirit.Net
Guess which one I chose?

Guess which scrub I chose? Whitening of course! It smells fruity and refreshing. It was hot that day so it was perfect.

Our beds, covered in plastic as not to put scrub particles on it.

If you can imagine someone scrubbing fine sand on you on the beach, that’s how it feels. Mixed with a bit of massage, for one whole hour. Ah.. I would like to do that again. We were asked to take a shower using Watsons signature cream body wash and my skin never felt this clean since ages! Clean and soft.


Getting ready for the scrub!



Next part of the Spa Party was the other best part. Shopping!!!! The catch? We had 15 minutes to do it, and whoever gets the most Watsons labeled items in 1,000php wins another spa session at Ki Neo Day Spa!

If you frequently drop by Watsons you’d know that they always have those Buy 1 Take 1 promo, so I maximized that and got myself the Shower Cream (tried it at the spa, loved it, so I wanted one for myself!), Hair treatments, stretchmark cream, and foot scrub. I didn’t expect to win so I also got A Bonne Milk scrub, and a couple of whitening soaps.


Camie taking her time to choose!
Finished with mine! Boy was it heavy!


Happy Watsons Ladies
Some of my loot. You get the 1 hair treatment tub you see here.


  • Guess how much this product cost? Leave a comment below!
  • 2 lucky winners (those who got the correct answer of course) will be selected
  • Win a WATSONS BDT Pampering Kit!!!
  • Contest ends on August 31

Bath to Basic Activation Booths Schedule

  • SM Fairview (July 17-22)
  • Festival Mall (July 24-29)
  • SM North Edsa (July 31-August 6)
  • SM Manila (August 14-19)

Manila  (August 14-19)

Philippines’ last leg of the Bath to Basics campaign will be held in SM Manila,
from August 14 to 19. This is the last chance for people to enjoy amazing deals
and freebies from participating brands such as Dove, A Bonne’, Nivea, Gluta-C,
Moringa-O2, Asian Secrets, Erase and Jao
Ming, Yoko, Cosmo Skin, Cetaphil and GlutaMAX; and
indulge in free hand massage service, courtesy of Nail Milan.
The Bath to Basics campaign is all
about getting pampered while boosting your bathroom habits. Achieving better
health and skin doesn’t have to be tedious and boring—you can still indulge
yourself in spa treatments within the comforts of your own home. Plus, this is
also the chance for people to acquaint themselves with other body care
alternatives, such as body scrubs, bath salts, body wash, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Head
to the Bath to Basics activation booth in SM Manila from August 14 to 19 and
get pampering!

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