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My Top 5 MAC Lipstick Favorites – What Does Your Lipstick Color REALLY Say About YOU?

We, women wear lipstick to add color to our bare faces. We use them if we need a little bit of perking up. We put them on when we go out. I have a set of MAC lipstick favorites that’s always always in my stash and I keep purchasing over and over when I run out. I added more fun to my review by adding fun personality interpretations to my favorite MAC lipstick colors. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

What’s your favorite MAC lipstick and why? I’d like to know!

What is the Best MAC Lipstick for Filipinas? (I found that some people are searching for this on my blog). Well. It doesn’t really matter if you’re filipina or from a different race. IT really depends on your skin tone. But if you’re morena (tan) with a cool undertone, a bright pink like viva glam nikki or pink noveau would look magical. If you’re morena with a warm undertone, lady danger is perfect!


MAC Ruby Woo



Some will say wearing red is worn by someone confident. It is actually the other way around. You wear red lipstick because you specifically need that boost. You need to feel powerful, sexy, and confident that you have to wear a striking red lip color to match your needs. My all-time fave red lipstick is Ruby Woo. What’s yours?


MAC Girl About Town


MAC Pink Noveau


PINK (I have 2 favorites!)

It’s the color of romance. You’re probably heading out on a date with someone you really like or you’re just in love. You want to feel flirty but don’t want to appear like you’re trying to hard. You need to play pretty & safe. Girl About Town if you’re feeling playful, Pink Noveau for something photogenically discreet.


MAC Hug Me



Feeling laid back. This is actually the true lip color of a confident woman. You don’t need bold or striking colors to feel beautiful. You love yourself just the way you are. You don’t want to look pale so you get the best “My Lips But Better” color to match with your eyes.

MAC Violetta


You’re feeling a little bit rebellious. You feel empowered and nothing will stand in your way. Not even by wearing a purple lip color.

MAC Morange



You’re probably heading out on a coffee date with your girl friends. You want something bright to cheer you up with your boy-troubles.


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