What to Look Out for in a Bean Bag – The Top 10 Bean Bag Chairs in Asia

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What to Look Out for in a Bean Bag – The Top 10 Bean Bag Chairs in Asia

When we talk about bean bags, it is common that in some communities, individuals may regard them as products catered to the youth such as children or teenagers. However, that statement is starting to become more of a myth than fact. In Asia and around the World, bean bag chairs are starting to be a hot hit with people of all ages and sizes. A recent survey from Masons Home Décor shows that 25% of their consumers who own bean bags are actually aged above 65 years old! The immediate assumption to give reason to this claim can be attributed to the simple fact that they are extremely comfortable to rest on. Apart from them, they make an excellent home décor tool. Being available easily for an affordable price online, bean bags come in all shapes, colours, and sizes to ensure that there is always something for everyone.

Because the variety of bean bags are so huge, one can often get lost in thought while shopping for one. Let’s have a look at what we must look out for when shopping for a bean bag, to effectively narrow down our options and purchase the one to be our favourite pal forever.

Ease of Getting Up

Some bean bags are hard and some are soft. Ideally, a bean bag chair should mould into the shape of your body to provide the best comfort. However, should you realise that your joints give you trouble in getting up, it is best to go for a less common type of bean bag that is firmer in filling, instead of getting one that allows you to sink really deep. It will be regretful to get a bean bag that is comfortable but almost impossible to get up from. Bean bag filling can be in the form of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), or Memory Foam. EPS allows you to sink in and roll around within the bean bag, EPP is generally harder and heavier, while memory foam is extremely firm like a sofa seat. Your choice should depend on your ability of getting up.

Existing Home Décor

Is the colour theme of your home of a warm or a cool theme? Will a bean bag you purchase look too large or small in its designated area? Bean bags, as mentioned earlier, are available in many variants. Choose one that contrasts well with your existing home décor. This is important because it is a habit for users to bring their bean bags to all corners of the home. Getting a cool coloured bean bag in a generally warm themed home may be a little odd.


Possibly the most important factor in the expensive World we live in today. When you have decided on the colour, shape, and size of your bean bag, along with your desired filling, do a search across different selling platforms online. Make an enquiry to secure the one of the best price!

Now that we know what to look out for in a bean bag, let us go through the top 10 types of bean bags in Asia. Perhaps you may find a favourite in one of them!

  1. Pouffe

A Pouffe (poufs for plural) is typically a round cushioned footstool. In Asia, poufs are popularly used as just a home décor tool. It usually comes in vibrant colours that can add life to the home space.

  1. Round Bean Bags

They are the most common type of bean bags. They are perfect for pure relaxation. They are perfect for visitors to sit on when you host gatherings. Its ability to mould itself to the users body shape makes it well loved around the World.

  1. Square Bean Bags

These are popular for individuals with small spaces. They can have a double usage. One to snuggle into, another to rest your feet on. Square bean bags were actually not popular before. With the emergence of new technology, square bean bags can now be as comfortable as round bean bags too.

  1. Animal Bean Bags

Animal shaped bean bags in the form of a shark or a bear are not for only the young in age, but also the young at heart. Such have been a hot favourite for modern workspaces that promote a balanced work life.

  1. Extra Large Bean Bags

Definitely for those looking for serious indulgence. Something not every home can afford to have due to the lack of space!

  1. Irregular Shaped Bean Bags

An all-time classic! These are also popular to DIY. Simply sew a few pieces of fabric together, attach a zipper, fill it up with your preferred filling, and you have gotten yourself a self-made bean bag!

  1. Bean Bag Loungers

Loungers are becoming increasingly popular in living rooms and family areas. They are the perfect companion during a family movie night.

  1. Knitted Bean Bags

Some may complain that the texture is not so appealing to touch, but the rustic design that a knitted bean bag can bring about to the home is one to give great attention to.

  1. Bean Bags Using EPS Filling

The most popular bean bag filling in Asia, Philippines and Singapore inclusive. EPS enables your bean bag to be light weight, comfortable, and long lasting. It is also affordable should you need to get a refill.

  1. Outdoor Bean Bags

Such bean bags were once upon a time only purchased by business establishments. Today, they can be seen indoors more often in homes due to the aspect of easy maintenance!

Thank you for reading this article! We hope you now have a better insight on how to choose a new bean bag, and a great understanding of the type of bean bags available in the market!

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