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Why Disc Golf Is The Next Fun Sport You Should Learn

Looking for a fun sport to learn? Then learn disc golf. Invented nine decades ago in Canada, the game has similar rules of golf and is even played on a nine-hole or 18-hole course. But it comes with a twist. Instead of a golf ball, you aim and throw a Frisbee-like disc at a distant target in as few throws as possible. When you finally hit the mark, you complete the hole. Sounds like fun, right? Let’s look at reasons for learning disc golf.

Pay Next to Nothing


To play ball, golf, you first invest in golf shoes and golf clubs. And then there’s the hefty golf club membership to pay, not forgetting the green and caddy fees. On average, you pay $20 per game. Now compare that to disc golf where you only invest in an inexpensive disc golf bag in which you store your discs. You don’t even pay for membership because the game is often played for free in public parks.

Enjoy a Fun, Easy Game


Want to know the best thing about disc golf? It’s so easy anyone can learn it, even a child. After all, what’s easier than throwing around a plastic disc? Children do it all the time with a Frisbee, just as did you back in the day. Disc golf simply adds the rules of golf to the mix. And it’s this childhood-evoking side of the game that makes it so much fun.

Enjoy a Challenge


So disc golf is easy, even to kids. But is there more to it than tossing plastic discs? Yes, there is. In fact, you’ll find many aspects of the game challenging when you first play. For instance, the number of throws varies, depending on the hole. So in a par-4 hole, you must throw the disk four times. That means thinking ahead and calculating your every move.


Exercise as You Play


The challenging nature of the game does more than exercise your wits. It exercises your body as well. During an average match, you walk a mile or more. And all the while, you’re throwing the golf disk, picking it up, and walking around the course. In short, you exercise your body without even knowing it. And it’s only after a few matches that you start feeling the effects of the exercise in your arms, legs, and body.


Relax While Playing


Despite being challenging, the game relaxes you. For one, you play it outdoors, surrounded by nature. And in such a peaceful environment, away from the stresses of work, and instead of swinging clubs or hunting for lost golf balls for hours, you only toss a disk repeatedly. How relaxing is that?

Play with the Family


Ball golf comes off as an exclusive game for middle-class, middle-aged men. And that’s because, for the most part, it is. For this reason, you’d expect the same of disc golf, seeing that it has some golf in it. But here’s where you’d be wrong. As mentioned earlier, the game requires only basic equipment and a public park. As a result, you can enjoy it with family, friends, and even workmates.

If you’re looking for a fun sport to learn, place disc golf at the top of your list. This decade-old game relaxes, challenges, and exercises your body. It costs you nothing except the price of some basic equipment. And better still, it can be played with family and friends, regardless of age.


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