The Most Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

The Most Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Every bride has looked forward to her wedding her entire life, from the amazing wedding proposal all the way through the honeymoon. Her wedding experience should be unique and memorable, and she deserves to have every aspect be as special as she is. One of the best ways to kick start this is by having an unexpected, creative bridal shower.  Toss the traditional shower ideas out and start with one of these fresh new ideas.


Consider having an edgy bartending school shower.  Transform the living area into a swanky upscale bar setting. Hire a local bartender to come and teach how to make his hottest cocktails, as well as tending bar with your guests’ favorite libations.  This is a great theme to consider if you are interested in doing a co-ed shower. Guests can be encouraged to bring a “stock the bar” inspired gift. It’s sure to be upbeat, lively, and lots of fun.


If you’re thinking your guests may not be suited for an upscale bar scene (think stuffy soon-to-be mother-in-law or conservative great aunt), tone the theme down a bit and have a cooking class instead.  This could be done by having a personal chef come prepare a feast for you in the comfort of your own home, or you could host the party at local gourmet cooking school. Many of these offer pairings with wine, as well. Guest can bring kitchen themed gifts and their favorite recipes to stock the bride’s new kitchen.


Another slightly different twist on this is having a wine tasting shower. Again, this could be done in-home or held at a local wine shop. Serve an assortment of wines, complimentary cheeses, and small bites.  Guests can mix and mingle while learning the subtle differences between wines and what edible items to pair with them.

If none of these more progressive, ideas seem to fit the bride’s style, consider having a retro shower instead.  Have old school swooners singing in the background and serve classic cocktails like martinis and manhattans. For a more low-key nostalgic take on this, play classic motown music, serve milkshakes, and have an old time candy bar where guests can make their own goody bags to take home. Decorate with old black and white pictures of the bride and groom and their families to complete the feel of skip back in time.


On a different note, perhaps you are wondering what kind of party to have for the couple who have already lived together for a while and seem to have everything they need? Consider a charity shower. In lieu of wedding gifts for the bride and groom, the guests bring donations for the couple’s favorite charity. Depending on the charity, this could include linens, clothing, canned foods and non-perishables, school supplies, personal care items, or cash.  Friends will enjoy the party, celebrate their friends, and leave feeling like they’ve made a difference in their community.


No matter what kind of shower you plan, be sure it matches the bride’s personality and her interests.  The focus should be on making her feel honored on her special day. With time and thought, you can plan the perfect shower and give her a memorable beginning to her wedding journey.








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