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Yeah! or Meh? BDJ Power Planner 2018 Review (with lots of PHOTOS!)


Confession. The last time I owned and actually used a planner is 2015. It was also the last year that I held a position and worked in a multinational company as a business analyst full-time. I used the planner to keep track of my meetings, projects, and deadlines.

I also used it to log my social life HAHA. Lo behold when I quit my day job. I thought I could manage my life without one (a planner). Yes I did, but with a few mishaps and forgotten tasks or dates. Either I’m aging or my C-section anesthesia is taking its toll. My mobile phone’s calendar and scheduler is no-match for a pen and paper. There’s just something with jotting things down that makes a difference.

As a freelance content creator and blogger, I need to keep track of my events and scheduled posts. I plan to use my new planner as a content calendar too! Take a sneek peak of what’s inside a BDJ Power Planner 2018 and see if it’s a YEAH! or a MEH?



The Pages


Own it!


The mood checklist is located in the front page. As a person who’s struggling with a mental health condition (or anyone), I hope next time they put in a mood checklist everyday.



The month view, very spacious.


The day view. You can write in a lot of things inside and the color scheme is never distracting.

The Perks!


ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I GET A PLANNER FROM BDJ! LOL! Their rewards coupon and perks!


With the rewards alone, the planner almost pays for itself and more! If you use up all 40 coupons, you get the BDJ Power Planner next year for FREE


The discount card!


Yeah! or Meh? BDJ Power Planner 2018

Tinatanong pa ba to? Just kidding! It’s definitely a YEAH for me. More than just a glorified notebook, it has relevant pages to keep track of everything you need. An added bonus is their Perks of a Bella that gives us a discount card and discount coupons in our favorite establishments! The classy and feminine black cover is perfect for ladies of any age.




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