Yummy Diet Delivery Review

Another diet delivery review from yours truly! This time it’s from Yummy Diet! It’s tough to review food when you’re hungry. My tummy is empty while I’m writing right now because I’m practicing intermittent fasting. It’s to compensate for the binge eating I did last night because of Typhoon Ruby. LOL I shouldn’t blame the typhoon but the bed weather just made me and Geof want to eat a lot of chocolates, hot noodles, and chips all day! 
Christmas Tea not included… I bought it at Robinson’s Supermarket

I featured Yummy Diet in my Best Diet Deliveries in Metro Manila page but I actually haven’t reviewed them until now. I tried their diet last year (I PAID!) but eventually forgot to post the individual reviews because alas, I didn’t take good photos to use. The glutton in me ate before I took pictures.

This photo is courtesy of my friend Paul who took a snapshot while I was enjoying their sardine pasta.Gosh, it’s really good no kidding. They used malunggay pasta with an olive oil based sauce + spanish sardines for protein. Their pasta was al dente, just how I liked it. Some services send you SOGGY pasta that I hate hate hate! Yummy Diet’s pasta was perfect for me. It’s well seasoned and very tasty. Food porn ahead. I subscribed for 2 weeks but I didn’t take photos of everything because sometimes I forget and I just gobble everything up! It’s that delicious.



It’s tasty you’d forget you’re on a counted calorie diet. They also offer 2 options: 1,200 calorie and 1,500 calorie. Guess what I got? The 1,500 calorie of course! It’s no secret that I even eat on top of that! I’m a growing girl ๐Ÿ™‚
They deliver on time and on schedule. They even remind you and confirm you if you’d be expecting or changing your delivery address. 
Delicious and balanced. The meals are well thought off, and it’s just not the calories. They care about your macronutrients and micronutrients. They serve a variety of dishes that have fruits, vegetables, carbs, protein, fat. It also doesn’t have that “sawa” factor when you try to eat healthy. I had experience with some diet deliveries before that just tasted so bad, I give my food away and just eat out! Yummy diet is indeed yummy and good for your body.
If given the chance, this is one of the diet delivery services I would love to subscribe again, even when I’m not on a diet! 


Consistency. Sometimes there are days that they place in what your meals are (top picture), sometimes they put in utensils (see first photo with tea), sometimes they just deliver only the food. IT would be nice if they were consistent with how they package and deliver your food.


How much? 1,800/5 Days Free Delivery
Where they Deliver? *Alabang*Antipolo BGC *Caloocan Cainta Eastwood *Las Pinas
 Makati Mandaluyong Manila Marikina Ortigas *Pasay Paranaque Pasig Quezon City San Juan
 *Taguig *Taytay



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