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Zombadings Review


Zombies + Badings (Gays) = Zombadings!

We watched Zombadings and I feel happy that somehow, people are appreciating indie films more. Theyre probably tired of the formulaic mainstream movies by big productions like star cinema, viva, regal, gma films, to name a few. Where it’s either drama, romantic comedy, horror that is written ever so similarly and even if there are “plot twists” you can still predict what’s going to happen.

Zombadings is a well told “coming of age” movie wherein Martin Escuderro aka Remmington did an excellent job in portraying a straight guy slowly evolving into gay-ness. It also helped a lot that there are subtitles whenever Beki-speak is used so people who arent used to Beki-speak can understand. There are kilig moments in both hetero, and homo love teams of Remmington so you got to watch out for that! We were smiling and laughing the entire duration of the film because of perfect comedic timing of actors and a well written script that won’t drag yourself to the ending but instead you seem to ride a long Remmington’s adventure.

Although towards the ending you can feel the “campyness” of the film, it really feels like a classic B-movie with funny “special effects” reminiscent of old horror movies, in my opinion it felt really good, a nostalgic feel of watching classic horror films again. The “zombie” part felt a bit forced in the story though but all is well because it is still funny, and we shouldnt take these kinds of films too seriously because it was made simply to make us laugh and enjoy 🙂 After the film, we were already conversing in Beki-talk.

It’s now on its 3rd week and hope that it will be extended because I want to watch it again with my hubby because it is soooooooooooooo good. If you found Babae sa Septic Tank good, you would find this even better!

Makeup Used:
Wet N Wild Brow Powder
Charm Mini Eyeshadow Brush – used for the brows
In2it Gel Eyeliner in Black
Aido Liquid Liner in Black – applied on top of the gel liner for maximum effect
TheBalm Time Balm Concealer
TheBalm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder
Bench Lip and Cheek Tint – as blush
Nivea Lipcare in Rose – uber moisturizing and light, perfect base for dry lipsticks like..
MAC Ruby Woo – my favorite red

No tutorials here.. for now 🙂 But it’s my first time to make this red lip defined eye makeup..
Oh.. and I think Im getting fairer? I didnt use any foundation today and I dont think this is a white cast.Ive been using Mosbeau skincare set for a week now, plus daily maintenance of Vitapack Beauty

With my friends Lolabear and Melmel


The guy paying at the counter at the back is Deki my friend 🙂




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