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Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Cream and Soap

Who doesn’t love getting free items to try? 🙂 Especially a test guinea pig like me

Review of the Mosbeau Underarm Cream can be read here:

Just like I mentioned in my previous posts, some people want to be darker some people want to be lighter. I am on the latter side of the group and since I turned 13 I have been trying out all sorts of whitening products from soaps to creams to lotions. In the long run they may have had their share of skin lightening together with taking glutathione capsules.

So this post is for people who want to be lighter 😉 I already have semi-fair skin so I was hesitant if this would still work on me. But I thought, might as well try it because I have lots of scarring and acne marks due to my 6 months of battle with acne. Mosbeau Japan, was generous to send me their latest facial set and also their underarm cream.

It includes the soap with the foaming net

I’m so excited to give you a review on the soap because as of now this is my favorite!! Together with the foaming net, it makes luxurious creamy bubbles that feels divine on your face, but really makes your skin clean but not squeaky. It’s also very economical, you only need to rub the soap about twice and then use the foaming net to create lots of lather! It would create lather good enough for the face, neck and pits (haha I use the extra foam to wash my pits to enhance the effect of their whitening cream)

The cream is showing results as early as 3 days of usage, and yes I will post a before and after picture. What I sorta don’t like is its high alcohol content, you can definitely smell alcohol, probably because of it’s gel formulation. And even if its formulated to be gel-based, it still feels sticky on my skin and there is a dire need to use of powder for me to feel comfy again. Will post detailed review on this very soon.

I would recommend getting this as a set to save you 200 bucks because the soap sells for 400php and the cream sells for 1480. Pricey indeed and I have yet to try it long enough to assess if it’s worth it, or if there are similar products for a lower cost.

A gel formula similar to Clinique’s Dramatically Different Gel


Detailed ingredients together with its purpose! Hooray!

I’m giving this a road test for 2 weeks, and then will provide an update in a month together with the development pictures I will try to provide. I’m optimistic that this will finally reduce my acne scarring.

More detailed description from Mosbeau:
Asia’s premier skin-whitening expert has done it again. After the success of its

White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream and Placenta White Food

Supplement, Mosbeau has brought TWO new face care products to Philippine

shores – both guaranteed to whiten, smoothen, moisturize and protect the

delicate Filipina’s skin from the sun. Look great day in and day out with this

revolutionary facial care set. It’s another step closer to that perfectly radiant,

white skin you’ve always wanted, all thanks to Mosbeau!

Mosbeau’s Placenta White All-In-One Facial Soap is unlike any other

facial cleanser you’ve tried before. The secret is in the foam. Only the advance

ingredients are made to produce this soaps rich thick lather unlike the soap base

bubbles that we are use too. This soap doesn’t just cleanse your face by getting

rid of deep-seated dirt; it also gently peels the surface to reveal a fairer,

smoother you! And that’s not all. Its rich foam moisturizes the skin and gives

protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The result? Flawless, rosy-white skin

that will be the envy of all!

Follow up your beauty regimen with the crème de la crop of facial creams. The

Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One Facial Cream is infused with Collagen,

Elastin, Sericin and other moisturizing ingredients that improve your skin’s tone

and texture. It also softens, whitens, fights premature aging and protects your

skin from UV rays. It’s certainly the one-stop shop in facial care – perfect for

women on the go!

Get your very own Mosbeau Placenta White All-In-One facial care set

at leading drugstores nationwide!

Mosbeau All-In-One Set is Php1,680.oo

All-In-One Soap is Php400.oo

All-In-One Cream is Php1,480.oo


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