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10 Stylish Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

How to wear a jumpsuit?

  1. Make sure you’re naked (or with undies)
  2. Slip into the jumpsuit one leg at a time
  3. Try to reach the back zipper using your hands Try really hard.
  4. Got hold of it? Now lean forward, and try your best to zip it upwards.
  5. 30 minutes later you’re still struggling
  6. Ask for help

Haha of course I’m only kidding! I recently scored a super nice black jumpsuit at House of Brands Manila a couple of weeks ago and I searched on ways on how to wear and style a jumpsuit.Trade in your dress for a jumpsuit and take your nights out up notch! All in ones do after dark sparkle differently, with the 70s style the only way to make a statement this season. Pick utility styling for day, and wide leg for play!

#10 With a Sexy Stilleto



#9 With Sporty Sneakers


I decided to keep it sporty and casual so I paired mine with black rubber shoes.





#8 With a Nude Lippie


#7 Casual in Denim + Sunnies




#6 With a Floppy Hat for that Retro Flare


#5 Dress em down like Kendall Jenner and pair it with slip-on flats


#4 Go Glam Shopping. Accessorize with bling, but wear casual open-toe sandals.


#3 Make a statement. Pair it with a bright shoe like these pair of  fuchsia pink pumps.


#2 Brave enough to go bright? Step out of your comfort zone and amp your suit game to a brilliant blue


#1 Play with prints! A printed clutch is purr-fect for a plain pantsuit


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