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Revlon Colorsilk 20 Brown Black

2015 was the year that I experimented with my hair a lot. I tried different colors from pink hair, purple hair, to the most regretted green hair that I had to fix using ketchup. HAHAHA. It was my dream to have silver hair, and last December, I finally decided to do it. This is when you realize that sometimes, what you want is really not the best for you (#hugot). See for yourselves.
Here’s a quick story on my fast hair transformation from brunette, blonde, to gray and back to black again; together with all the products used and where I had it done. Thanks to Revlon Colorsilk in Brown Black.




 HAIR COLOR: Brunette with Highlights
WHERE I HAD IT DONE: Basement Salon
Thoughts: I will come back soon to get my hair highlighted again. They’re experts at this field.




  HAIR COLOR: Blonde Ombre
WHERE I HAD IT DONE: Azta Urban Salon (SM San Lazaro)
Thoughts: I told the stylist I wanted a dip-dye. Bleach the TIPS only. But what did he do? HE BLEACHED MY ENTIRE HAIR TO LEVEL 8 and damaging it. They charged me 5,000php and I regret going there. I don’t recommend ther salon at all.




   HAIR COLOR: Gray Ombre
Thoughts: To make the most out of my bleached hair, I ordered Pravana Silver Hair Dye at (my fave hair color shop). I kept this hair color for 2 weeks. I must say it’s potent because even at a low bleached level my hair still turned gray. I wasn’t satisfied, because gray hair color made me look washed out and pale.



    HAIR COLOR: Revlon Colorsilk 20 in Brown Black
WHERE I HAD IT DONE: Free Revlon Hair Color Application at Mercury Drug Trinoma LOL
Thoughts: I can’t believe that a 300 peso DIY hair dye can fix the damage over bleaching has done. It covered the blonde, brass, and gray hair evenly. Look at the photo below. My hair looks healthy. It looks healthy but it doesn’t feel healthy without conditioner so I have to use my all-time favorite Pantene 3-Minute miracle to help with the damage.


I’m keeping this hair color for a while. I’m “resting” my hair for 2 months (hopefully pero feeing ko it will be sooner kasi ang baba ng EQ ko hahaha) before I bleach it again. I plan to go back to Basement Salon in Shangri-la Shaw Blvd. to get highlights, then layer it with Manic Panic Purple Haze which I believe, is the most flattering “wild” hair color for me.

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  • Precious Joy Angeles

    Parang mas ok yan Revlon Colorislk sayo Ms. Kath kasi naging shiny ang hair mo at hindi dry. It works on you. DIY lang din ako sa pagcocolor ng hair kasi minsan mas ok pa kesa Salon kasi titipirin ka sa pang kulay unlike kapag bumili ka, pwede mo iapply lahat.

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