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10 Ways Giving Birth Physically and Psychologically Changes You

Many experiences in life change and shape us. Giving birth, however, has to be one of the most life-changing experiences known to man. Not only does having a baby change a woman physically but also psychologically. Here’s how:

1. Hair Loss

Due to the hormone changes, hair loss is one common pregnancy and post-pregnancy symptom many women face. The good news is, with proper nutrition and a solid haircare routine, women can resolve or at least reduce their hair loss.

2. Wide Hips

Hormones during pregnancy loosen the cartilage that connects to the pelvic bones, giving a woman wider hips to allow for the eventual delivery of a baby. For some women, their hips never go back to normal after giving birth.

3. Sagging Breasts

As many women know, breasts can change drastically during pregnancy. With weight gain and the development of milk, the breasts typically get larger and often shrink and/or sag after the fact.

4. Anxiety

Being a new mom can be nerve wracking. Add lack of sleep and hormone fluctuations into the mix, and you might find yourself more anxiety prone than usual. From occasional nail biting to having full-blown panic attacks, anxiety postpartum can range from mild to severe.

5. Frequent Bladder Leaks

Pregnancy hormones can diminish the strength of your pelvic floor. The health of your pelvic floor can also be affected by how you carried your baby during pregnancy. If your pelvic floor could use some therapy, you may notice frequent bladder leaks, even months or years after having a baby.

6. Heavier Periods

Not every woman is unlucky, but heavier, more painful periods may be a result of having a baby. For some, just their first period or few after birth might be worse. And in some cases, women may not notice changes at all or even have lighter, shorter, less painful periods.

7. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are many people’s biggest skin woe, but women should be prepared for their potential development during and/or after pregnancy. Stretch marks postpartum are especially common on love handles, the stomach, thighs, and breasts as these are areas where most pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy.

8. Depression

Postnatal emotional changes can be one of the most common symptoms a woman may face after having a baby. Most women experience baby blues, but if low mood continues after two weeks, she may be suffering from postpartum depression.

9. Low Self-Esteem

Hormone changes, general life changes, relationship changes, and body changes can all contribute to a woman’s low self-esteem after having a baby. Fortunately, women can learn to eventually overcome negative body image after having a baby.

10. Bigger Feet

Did you know that some women notice an increase in their shoe size during pregnancy? And it’s not always due to the increased swelling! For some women, their feet may never return back to their normal size.


Every success, failure, roadblock, and encounter we face changes us. Giving birth is just one of the many experiences we may go through that alters us. Both permanent and temporary changes can result from having a baby. These changes can be either good or bad. In the end, giving birth is a powerful experience, even in the long haul.

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