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Fitness: Can You Survive Under Armour’s Test Of Will Challenge?

Have you ever wondered your body’s maximum potential on endurance or strength? I’m sure fitness enthusiasts like me get that thought once in a while. Despite those lingering thoughts, I never got the chance to do so until I received an invite from Under Armour Philippines to participate on their #TestofWill2018 Challenge.

My initial reaction? Fear, anxiety, excitement.


My Under Armour #TestofWill  Experience

Prepared with a chug of energy drink, 1 soft boiled egg and bringing macho kid to inspire me. I braved on to be the first participant of the day! I was asking them “Where are the other 3?“. They’re warming up yet so you have to start already! WTF! HAHAHA

The over-under was easy-peasy for me as I took my time and pacing. My short stature was also an advantage because I could slip in easily. Next are the 20kg dead-ball squats. Strategy was to do 10 squats at a time then rest for 5 seconds in between. Alright! Then comes the farmer’s walk with kettlebells. OMG I didn’t expect it to be difficult! Possibly because of my poor cardio? I was slow AF XD

Last and the least (LOL) the bear crawls. So funny that one of my shoe slipped out and I had to finish half barefoot.

With zero preparation and 100% determination, I was able to complete all 4 tests! I wasn’t in the top 10 but it’s okay. What matters is that I tried and didn’t give up. So to end my “survival” story I’d leave you with one of my favorite quotes

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

No one is ever ready for anything, so just do it no? Hopefully I can participate again next year and perform better! I’ll work on my cardio LOL

Test of Will 2018

Started in 2016, the Test of Will is an annual Southeast Asia-wide fitness challenge in celebration of human performance, functional fitness and the training lifestyle. The modern and uniquely urban fitness challenge is accessible to everyone with the will to train and a drive for competition.

The 2 day event saw more than 300 athletes and fitness enthusiasts competing in an intense four-minute circuit challenge consisting of Over and Under (Hurdle), Deadball Squats, Kettlebell Farmer Walks, and Bear Crawls. The participants that perform the most number of reps in the 60 seconds allotted for each exercise will win.

Test of Will is one platform in which Under Armour achieves its vision of breaking barriers, uniting, inspiring, and even changing the world through sports. In the Philippines, Test of Will celebrates Filipinos’ endurance performance, functional fitness, and training lifestyle. The modern and uniquely urban fitness challenge is accessible to everyone with the will to train and a drive for competition. Hence, in the Philippines and beyond, Test of Will has grown this year from #IWILL to #WEWILL to enforce its “Together, we are stronger” battle cry.

Participants will be categorized to battle it out according to their age segment, to extend more opportunities for young fitness athletes to put their will to the test. This year’s challenge will see the introduction of age categories namely the 18-34 years, 35-44 years, and 45 years old and above categories. The top male and top female for each of the age categories will be awarded with a limited-edition Test of Will 2018 medal and cash prize. All participants will take home bragging rights and an exclusive “WILLbreaker” t-shirt upon completion of the challenges.

For more information about Test of Will 2018, visit




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