5 Creative Ideas on How to Add Extra Seating Space to a Small Living Room

If you live in an apartment or a modestly-sized house, you might find that your living room is inadequate in some ways. You may find it to be aesthetically appealing, but maybe it does not have enough seating for guests. If you are a sociable person and have company over often, this might bother you.

There are some creative ways you can add seating to smaller living rooms, though. We will talk about some options right now.


Ottomans are nice for storing blankets or other odds and ends, but you can also use them as extra seating for a living room. Large ottomans are available from several furniture designers and other entities, and they don’t usually cost all that much. You can buy a couple of them and place them in any available space.

Folding Chairs

You can buy folding chairs from Amazon or some brick-and-mortar store locations, including Target or Walmart. They won’t cost you very much, and they take up very little space in your living room. The only issue is that they are not the most comfortable. If you’re having an informal gathering, though, this might be your best option.

Mount Your TV

Another possibility is to mount your TV on a wall if you have a very large one that is taking up a ton of space. If you have a piece of furniture on which your TV is sitting, getting rid of it should free up quite a bit of room. You then have the option of setting chairs or ottomans in the spaces that you have cleared.

Attach Your Bookshelves to the Wall

Some living rooms feature bookshelves. These can take up a lot of space. Some people like to read books on their electronic devices at this point, but plenty of others still like owning physical copies of them.

Living rooms without very much space need to avoid monopolizing it with large, bulky bookshelves. You can fix this problem by affixing bookshelves to the walls. When you do so, you can get rid of any free-standing bookshelves you have. Of course, you can also eliminate your book collection entirely and start reading on your laptop or tablet if you would like.


You might have something like a console table or cocktail table in your small living room. These have plenty of uses. You can set out snacks on them when you have people over, or they can be places where people set their drinks.

However, you can also stow benches under them. When you have people over, you can pull those benches out and arrange them wherever you have room.

Smaller, lightweight benches can be positioned in various ways, and each one can seat one or two people. This is another way you might squeeze some extra seating space out of a living room if you have a party or a decent-sized gathering.

A combination of these ideas might be what it takes to get you the extra seating you want.

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