10+1 Japanese Magazine Makeup Tutorial Scans!

Among all the makeup techniques all over the world, my favorite has to be the way Japanese put on their makeup. They have a wider variety of styles from natural to heavy and they focus on EYES. Lots and lots of liners and lots and lots of mascaras and false eyelashes to make that perfect Kawaii look. It’s between sexy-chic-cute. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite Japanese Magazine Makeup Tutorial Scans. I think I shared some a few years back already.
Well, Japanese Magazines, what’s special about them is that they don’t just promote or post photos of the products they are advertising. They also make very detailed tutorial on how to replicate the looks! So much love for them! I hope local magazines here in the Philippines get inspiration from this one.
Natural and classy using brow eyeshadow

It’s quite nude,, not much of eyeshadow but more on natural looking false lashes and a very light pink lip color

Notice how they don’t have heavy brows? They lke using light colored eyebrows to emphasize their eyes even more.

This is the heaviest it can get I think. A cute japanese smokey makeup.

This one looks perfect for first dates.

How about going androgynous for a rock concert?

Plain and simple!

They even include skin care techiniques and what contact lens to use

I hope you enjoyed this little ol post of mine! Save this to your favorites so you can look at a reference whenever you need to find a makeup look for your FOTD!

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