What’s New? Diet Buddy Ph Delivery Review

To be honest, I almost gave up in trying diet deliveries because of the 1,200 calorie limit with the regular macro split where carbs > fat > protein. It’s where the large portion of the meal is well, carbs. Majority of it is. So whenever I try a diet delivery service, I purchase separate chicken or seafood so that it adds up to my daily macro needs. 
A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Diet Buddy PH to try out their service for a week. Hey, who am I to decline right? So I gave it a go signal to try their food out. 

Diet Buddy Ph is a calorie-counted diet plan that aims to make dieting fun, easy and stress free. The reason why we chose Diet Buddy as the name is because we want our clients to see us as a companion to losing weight and achieving a healthier life. 
Diet Buddy is someone who is there everystep of the way. It is our philisophy that diet meals need not taste bland and a struggle to consume. We believe that with proper portioning and careful preparation/cooking, consuming diet meals would become fun and exciting for our clients therefore creating a healthy way of life. We also are proud to say that our specialty is serving Filipino dishes that have long been favourites of everyone. We want to serve meals and dishes that people understand. Simple yet scrumptious. 
We also make sure that what we serve our clients is properly reviewed and checked by a certified dietician and nutritionist. Ms Jasmin Lagrada, a certified Nutritionist and Dieitician and the Dietician for Mary Johnston Hospital, reviews and checks all our diet meals. She makes sure that we give our clients the proper meals with the correct servings of nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fat. 

The plan is 1200 calories per day which includes bfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The 5 day plan is php1700 with free delivery within Metro Manila
Macro Split: 60% (carbs) + 25% fat(protein) + 15% (protein) 

Here’s a sample meal of chicken tocino, mango kani wrap, and giniling with rice. Pichi pichi with earl grey tea is served as snacks.

Ham sandwich on a burger bun, bico (rice cake) and chicken adobo

My Thoughts

What makes Diet Buddy PH stands out, ironically, from the diet delivery service crowd is that they serve safe, filipino dishes. It’s delicious and tastes like home. I can imagine their packed meals as something that my yaya would prepare for me if I still had a yaya LOL. It’s pretty balanced, but yes, 1,200 is not enough for me so I add on protein. Their meals keep you full and satisfied so I have no qualms about that. I can recommend this to people who isn’t experimental with dishes and don’t like to be surprised with god-knows-what dishes that they couldn’t eat or forced to eat because they paid for it. Hahaha!


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