12 gifts for all kinds of people in your family

12 gifts for all kinds of people in your family

Christmas is approaching and it’s never too early to start, especially when you feel as though your family is a challenge to shop for. Your dad always smiles and says thanks when he opens your gift, but you can tell he’s inwardly rolling his eyes – you can never make your sister happy so for the last few years you’ve given her a gift card. This year, though, you want to get it right for everyone. Here are a dozen gift ideas that will make any type of family member happy.

  1. Celebrate the Family’s History

This is the ideal gift for anyone in the family who loves to cook and also enjoys sharing recipes and delving into the past. It is, of course, a family recipe book! It’s unique, thoughtful, and easier than you’d think to put together. Bonus points if you can include a short blurb about where each of the recipes came from. This is something that could be passed through the family for generations to come.

  1. Food Hampers

Who among us doesn’t love to eat? Moreover, who doesn’t love free food? Exactly! There are a wide variety of food hampers available, from candy and cookies to savoury options and more. Simply customise your hamper for the family member in question and watch their eyes light up as they unwrap the epic gift. For the adults consider sample sizes of their favourite alcohol in addition to some snacks. You can order a hamper from an online site or just make your own. Either way, it’s as thoughtful as it is delicious.

  1. Socks

Okay, so it might not be the most glamorous of gifts but if you’re really struggling to get everyone a good gift socks are that. Everyone needs new socks and Christmas is the perfect time to get them. You can throw in a pair as an extra to pad out another gift and better yet, you can get them at a discount.

  1. Appliances

I’m not suggesting that you buy someone an iron, however, there is an abundance of niche appliances out there that make life so much easier when you want a tasty treat. So, if someone in the family has a penchant for doughnuts or popcorn, think about getting them an appliance to make things simple.

  1. Board Games

Are you even related if someone doesn’t try to force you to play a board game? They make a great gift because it involves the entire family – this is especially helpful if you’re trying to spend within budget and consolidating gifts.

  1. Annual Tickets

This is an ingenious gift that is set to tickle anyone’s fancy, whether it’s for the local zoo, bowling alley, play centre, water park, or wherever! It can be used throughout the year and every time they do they’ll think of you.

  1. Subscription Box

Whether it’s for comics, video games, crafting or whatever – there’s a subscription box for anyone and everyone.

  1. Flight Serving Set

Whether it’s for wine, beer, or spirits – who wouldn’t love a flight serving set? It’s a great excuse to try out different drinks and look good while doing it. Every home should have one.

  1. Personalise It

It doesn’t matter when you’re buying a throw, cushion, frame or what – everything is better when it’s personalised. If your family just happens to love having movie nights, consider a personalised set of popcorn buckets.

  1. Family Bucket List

It won’t be long before the kids have all grown up and left the nest, so for the family members with younger children a family bucket list could be the ideal gift. They get an excuse to do crazy things and as a result get to spend plenty of time together.

  1. The Story So Far

If someone in the family happens to be good at writing or has plenty of stories to share buying them a diary might be the greatest way to capture the lot. You can buy one that has a layout ready in the book so it’s easy to follow and will keep the story on track. This is particularly useful for grandparents (or parents) so that future generations can get a glimpse into the past even long after they have departed.

  1. A Grand Day Out

Whether Grandad would love to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari or could use a good day at the spa – a day out (or a weekend away) is a great gift for any of your nearest and dearest. It’s thoughtful and they can plan it for when their schedule allows. Experience gifts are all the rage!

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