Revlite Laser Review at Skin Lux Aesthetic Center

Let’s talk about Revlite Laser. Everyone’s been raving about this skincare treatment that I’m so blessed to get to try it at SkinLux Aesthetic Center at Greenhills, Promenade. Continue reading for my full review and discussion on Revlite Laser Treatment.

What is Revlite Laser?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growthimprove poresremove irregular pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Collagen provides the support network to our skin. As we age, the collagen breaks down causing lines and wrinkles. The laser works by stimulating collagen production. As the new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are decreased.
Additionally, years of sun exposure can cause discoloration, large pores, and pigmented or red areas on the skin. Patients report, and studies have confirmed, that this procedure results in a refreshed appearance, smoother skin texture, an even skin tone, and a decrease in pore size. Those with difficult acne scarring will also notice a marked improvement.
Laser skin rejuvenation does not affect the outer layers of skin, so there is no downtime or prolonged healing process at all.

Where can I get Revlite Laser Treatment in the Philippines?

I think it’s available at WINK Laser Studio, Belo, and of course Skin Luxe.

How much does Revlite Laser Treatment cost?

6,999php/session and this includes theur signature facial already.  Do follow them on instagram as they have promotions occasionally

Skin Lux Aesthetic Center Photos

I had a consultation and a facial service prior to my Revlite Laser treatment. They have a dermatologist in their clinic to answer all your questions. She was very patient in answering mine and was honest when she mentioned that Revlit Laser Treatment will sting.

I had the Bul Facial, their special anti-aging facial treatment that wraps your skin with foam, and instead of pricking, they use a plant-based purifying oil to unclog pores. This is very similar to the OCM or Oil Cleansing Method that’s very popular in the past.

How does Revlite Laser Feel? Is it painful?

Yes it’s painful. I imagine having my face tattooed or being pricked over and over. Or like someone put watusi (fire crackers) on my face and lit it up. #tiisganda Ah the price we pay to be beautiful.

They also sell Nelly Skincare products. This is also the products they use on their facials and other treatments. It’s all natural and organic.

Thanks to all the friendly staff of SkinLux Aesthetic Center! I definitely enjoyed my stay and your service is highly recommended!

2 Weeks After Revlite Laser Treatment at Skin Lux

Their dermatologist recommended that you should stop the usage of any skincare regimen within the week after the revlite laser treatment. I forgot her reminder and used a whitening soap on my face and IT STUNG LIKE CRAZY. Our skin becomes sensitive because the heat of the laser opens up our pores and treats the skin.  I replaced it by using a gentler soap like Dove and Olay facial bars.
The difference was instant and remarkable. My skin looked plumper and makeup application went on smoother. I have a few very light brown pigmentations on my face and it was visibly lighter. Oh not to mention the bonus that my facial hair fell off while some turned white. I love it and I’ll most likely come back for another session! #tiisganda

The SkinLux Medical Spa is located at 3rd level
Promenade Greenhills Shopping Center Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan Metro
Manila, Philippines.
Office hours
Monday to Sunday
10: 30am to 7:30 pm
Contact Numbers
Tel no. : 6503109
Mobile No. : 09258800601
Company information
Founders:  Mrs. Beena
M. Go and Dra. Anna Marie S. Nolido, MD
 It all started when
Mrs. Go experienced the latest laser machine in Singapore, she was really
amazed by the result of this Machine so she called her long time friend Dra.
Anna to try this machine. They both really liked it so they came up with an
idea to put up an aesthetic center, aside from their passion with skin care;
they want the Filipinos to have an experience that they wouldn’t forget, a
luxurious experience. SkinLux Medical Aesthetic provides first class spa
experience and beauty enhancing cosmetic procedures like laser treatment, peels
and skin whitening.

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