12 Nail Designs You Can Do On Your Own

12 Nail Designs You Can Do On Your Own

One of the most important and the prettiest assets of any woman is her hands. It often happens that the first thing guys usually notice about us is our nails, that`s why we always need to have clean, well-maintained and freshly-painted nails. Keep in mind, always means not only special events or occasions, but all the time! Of course, we are all busy! It’s sometimes hard to find two or three hours of our precious time for the professional salon manicure because of working schedule and parenting. Here you`ll see 12 at-home easy nail ideas that will serve as inspiration for you and look more complicated they really are. You’ll also see how to do nail designs and easy tips for nail art.

#12. Pink and Gold Geo Mani

Use this light and airy color palette and clean angles, irresistible blush pink, white and metallic gold make you look more elegant and delicate.

#11. Black and Gold Dotted

What a lovely nail design! I mean, look how three simple gold dots change a common black mani. By the way, this minimalist nail art idea that you can easily do yourself will fit absolutely perfect for any occasion!

#7. Stripes and Zig Zags

This geometric nail art idea looks stunning and chic! Just try it out!

#6. Splash of Colors

Pink, purple and mint colors create a diverse geo pattern. As you see it`s fun and easy to do.

#5. Mint Gold Dotted Mani

Awesome design! It`ll take you less than half an hour to get it.

#4. Stencil Nails

Don’t forget about stencils that you can also use to get a cool mani. Besides, a great variety of stencils allows you to experiment with your nails and get new design almost every day.

#3. Subtle, Simple and Elegant

Even if you haven’t a lot of time but want to look fantastic, draw attention to this simple idea for quick mani. Really great!

#2. Happy Spotted

If you want to boost your mood immediately, try out this nail design. It`s so bright and funny that you’ll forget about winter depression for a long time.

#1.  Vintage Chevron French

White and geometric shapes… What else can be more beautiful than classic nails?

#8. Festive Snowflakes

Winter`s coming on! It`s a perfect time to start thinking about winter nail ideas.

#10. Merry Christmas

Maroon and gold nails are always associated with Christmas and presents. Here you see one of the simplest ombre nail art designs that you can do on your own and the others will start thinking it’s a professional mani.

#9. Twinkling Stars

Great idea to enhance your holiday mood.

I hope these nail designs (they all were taken from pinterest) will inspire you and make you look gorgeous. Good luck!


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