Small Tattoos That Will Stay Beautiful Through The Years

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According to statistics, the total number of Americans that have at least one tattoo is 45 million. The tattoo art is on the rise nowadays as tattoos may represent various ideas and they may be done in different sizes.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer small tattoos as they may be easily hidden if necessary, they are cute, elegant, and may be placed almost on any part of the body. Check out these small tattoo ideas, their meanings and get inspired!

Small Simple Cute Tattoos

Small, cute tattoos are chosen by men and women to express their personality, attitude towards life or perpetuate happy memories. These tattoos are placed on the neck, arms, hips, feet, hands, the chest and may be performed in a traditional, tribal, watercolor, linework and dotwork style. Among the most popular small simple cute tattoos are the following designs.

  • Stars

Stars may stand for personal accomplishments. A shooting star represents luck and balance in life. The Celtic star signifies the transience of life and its cyclicity.

Also, the star tattoo may be deeply personal. Thus, pink stars are worn by women as the sign of the victory over breast cancer.

On top of that, the number of points in the star gives different meanings. A pentagram (a five-pointed star) is known as a Christian symbol. The hexagram, aka the Star of David, signifies the connection between the physical and spiritual. Also, the octogram (the eight-pointed star) means regeneration. And the nonogram (the nine-pointed star) symbolizes stability.

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  • Angel Wings

This tattoo tends to be black and white and it denotes spirituality, guidance, protection, enlightenment. People, who have changed spiritually or have gone through tough times, wear this tattoo.

  • Heart

This is the common symbol of love. However, it may carry different meanings. Thus, a Celtic heart shows strength and unity. The flaming heart means passion, the dagger and the heart tattoo can signify either courage or grief.

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  • Infinity Sign

This is a simple, yet a deeply symbolic tattoo as it means everlasting love and rebirth.

  • Crown

Since ancient times, the crown image has been associated with authority and royalty. Today, the tattoo may mean independence and control of the life, intelligence, wealth, victory. Besides, if the couple gets the same crown tattoo, it signifies their unconditional love.

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  • Paper Plane

This design is chosen both by men and women. It is a creative tattoo, which represents a carefree attitude towards life, the ability to catch the wind and go where the wind blows. Also, it signifies a freedom-loving and funny personality.

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  • Romanian Numerals

This is a popular trend. It is worn to represent the favorite number or memorize the date, which has a personal relevance. For instance, the date of the wedding or birth.

Small Flower Tattoos

Flowers are elegant tattoos, which remain beautiful throughout the years. These tattoos are usually done in tribal, traditional, watercolor, neo-traditional, Japanese, realism, surrealism, blackwork, dotwork styles. The most sought-after designs are:

  • Lotus

This is a sacred flower in Buddhism and Hinduism, which is associated with beauty and purity. For ancient Egyptians, this flower was connected with the sun and rebirth. Also, depending on the color, the Lotus flower carries different meanings. A blue lotus means wisdom and intelligence, a white lotus means spiritual perfection, the red lotus means love and the pink lotus is the true Lotus of Buddha.

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  • Roses

Rose is a well-known symbol of love. However, it may have different meanings considering the color of the flower. Thus, a yellow rose stands for longing or friendship, white roses mean remembrance, pink roses mean admiration.

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  • Dandelion

The dandelion with its seeds being blown away signifies freedom from emotional bondage. Also, it means childhood (joy, playfulness), dreams, prosperity and good luck.

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  • Sunflower

This bright flower is the sign of longevity and happiness in China. It is the symbol of connection with God in Christianity. Also, the flower symbolizes love, devotion, a new beginning, and positive emotions.

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Bird Tattoos

This is a popular design for a small tattoo as it is bright, dynamic, and meaningful. It is done in a black and white style, dotwork, realism, traditional, watercolor styles and they look great on the neck, fingers, shoulders, the chest, ankles, and feet. Here are the most popular bird designs:

  • Hummingbirds

This inspirational tattoo may signify physical and moral strength, grace, beauty, love, joy, hope, freedom.

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  • Sparrows

This tattoo signifies love, loyalty, friendship, freedom. Also, it may be done in memorial of a deceased person.

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  • Owls

The owl tattoo is connected with intelligence, wisdom, magic, protection, devotion. For some nations, it may indicate death.

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  • Doves

Dove is the international symbol of peace. Also, it indicates purity in faith for Christians, truth, strength, and guidance.

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Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos express the best traits of the character, people’s goals and dreams. The animal tattoos are vivid and look marvelous in the traditional, watercolor styles, realism, Japanese style, tribal, dotwork and geometric.

  • Elephant

This largest animal on the planet is associated with strength, protection, a tight family bond, wisdom, and good luck. The white elephant is sacred in Buddhism and it signifies fertility and wisdom.

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  • Tiger

This noble animal denotes pride, might, dominance in many Asian cultures. Also, it is connected with determination and strong will.

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  • Wolf

The wolf is associated with Native Americans’ symbols and it means strength, loyalty, power, and independence. Also, the wolf design means success and honor.

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  • Giraffe

The giraffe is one of the totem animals. It is connected with protection, vision, and a good intuition.

Thus, even a small tattoo may render a plethora of meanings and have a deep symbolism exactly for you. If you are looking for more designs for your inspiration, there are cool tattoo ideas on

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