12 of the Most Unique Shoes You Need to See (or have)

12 Shoes Embody 12 Ex-Lovers Of Artist Sebastian Errazuriz 

The shoes your about to see definitely caught my eye, and captured my heart. Apart from looking unique, these shoes have their own back story of the artists’ ex-lovers. From the most prude. cry baby, to the gold digger. Which shoe do you think fits you the most? Each shoe has an interesting story to tell. Read on.

Shoe #1 “Honey” Natasha

Shoe #2 “Cry Baby” Alexandra

Shoe #3 “Gold Digger” Alison

Shoe #4 “Heart Breaker” Laura

Shoe #5 “Ice Queen” Sophie

Shoe #6 “Hot Bi*ch” Caroline

Shoe #7 “The Virgin” Anna

Shoe #8 “Jetsetter” Jessica

Shoe #9 “The Boss” Rachel

Shoe #10 “GI Jane” Barbara

Shoe #11 “The Ghost” Valentina

Shoe #12 “The Rock” Alice

My favorite is definitely “The Boss Shoe” I’d love to have something like that custom-made because it can act as a self-defense weapon of sort. The rock shoe looks ugly to me. Which one is your favorite?
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