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Landelution Glutathione Review

What? Landelution Glutathione
Where to buy? Cheskas Store
How much?(price) 1,600php/90 tablets

If you’re not familiar yet with glutathione, feel free to check out my Glutathione FAQ. I am no expert and everything I write is based on personal experience so what works for me may not work for you bu I try my best to explain my review. 
Landelution glutathione is a 100mg pure glutathione supplement made in Japan. If you look closely at the tablets, they are small,color white, and easy to swallow. If you’re familiar with other glutathione brands you might notice that it resembles PH338 Glutathione a lot. But how does it fare when it comes to detoxifying, skin whitening, and smoothening of the skin? 


100mg of pure glutathione

How to Take Landelution Glutathione

Take 1 tablet with 500mg vit. C 3 times a day (AM, Lunch, PM), what vitamin C I’m taking? Just the generic Rhea tablets!


If you read my review on PH338, you know for sure that it gave me nasty breakouts and pimples! Hay hindi talaga ako hiyang dun. I had doubts initially kasi they look sooooooo similar but, as your resident guinea pig, and by special request. I tried this for a month to see any adverse reactions and effectivity. 
Well, landelution glutathione gave me the same rosy-white effect that PH338 gave sans the pimples and weight gain. I’m taking this together with Meiji Amino Collagen drink I bought from Japanichi, some of you were asking why my skin looked poreless and smooth. Current state and photos of my skin below!
I recommend landelution glutathione to people who are not hiyang to PH338 but like its effects.

#nofilter haha my face is too big!
I hope you enjoyed this simple but honest review. Next in line for review is the Thailand gluta that most of you are asking me about and also the Detox White gluta coming this month of May!

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