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13 Tips for Keeping Your Cooling Appliances in Tip-Top Shape

Cooling appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, chillers, and air conditioners, are must-haves, especially in a country with a warm climate like the Philippines. Without them, Filipino families will most likely struggle to live healthy, productive, and comfortable lives. Given their importance, homeowners like you should ensure that these appliances are always in good working condition. Otherwise, they will work much harder, use too much energy, and break down much faster.

Perhaps you are looking for ways to keep your cooling appliances in tip-top shape. If so, read on. This piece will give you practical tips on how you can use these appliances more efficiently and extend their lifespan. This way, you can prevent high electric bills, costly repairs, and untimely replacements.


Your refrigerator is undoubtedly the hardest-working appliance in your kitchen as it works 24/7 to keep your food and beverages cold and fresh for longer. As such, it makes sense to give your fridge the attention it deserves, especially if you have a new unit after months of looking for inverter refrigerators for sale online. Take care of your investment by practicing the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean the coils once a year. Because your fridge’s condenser coils are responsible for keeping your food cold, you must keep them free from dirt and debris to function properly. You can use a vacuum cleaner or stiff brush to clean the coils annually.
  • Check the temperature regularly. Make it a habit to check the temperature of your fridge since it is crucial for food safety. For this task, you may want to purchase a refrigerator thermometer so you can readily tell if the temperature is far from the ideal, which is below 4oC. Book a service repair immediately if your ref is running warm. 
  • Organize food items. Keeping the refrigerator door shut is fundamental to ensuring its good working condition. That is why you should take the time to organize all food items inside the ref so you can close it tightly and reduce the time you spend looking for the things you need.
  • Inspect the gasket. Check the gasket often to know if it is still sealing well and preventing cold air from escaping. If it is already brittle or cracked, replace it as soon as possible. 



A separate freezer is your partner for saving time, money, and energy. It allows you to shop and cook food in bulk, take advantage of all kinds of food bargains, and lessen your visits to the grocery store. Keep your freezer running well for many years by following the practical tips below:

  • Clean the freezer interior every six months. Give your freezer a thorough cleaning twice a year. Take out all the contents, wipe the walls and shelves with a soapy cloth, and rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not forget to clean the grooves of the door seal as well. 
  • Keep the condenser coils clean. As with your refrigerator unit, you should also vacuum the coils of your freezer once a year for efficiency and maximum performance. 
  • Maintain the ideal temperature. Ideally, your freezer’s temperature should be below -180C if you want to abide by food safety standards. Make sure to check if it is the right temperature by using a freezer thermometer. If it is not as cold as it should be, try sticking a paper in the freezer door to check for air leaks. If you can easily pull the paper out once the door is closed, then there is a problem with your freezer seal. Fix the issue right away.



A chiller or beverage cooler is an essential appliance in your game room or mini-bar, as it ensures that your family and guests will always have refreshing drinks available when you’re having fun. If you want your chiller to run smoothly for a long time, consider the following pointers:

  • Choose the right spot. If you are placing your chiller in a tight space, make sure that you leave a gap of at least two inches on each side to allow sufficient airflow. Also, the area should be far from all heat sources, including direct sunlight, so it will not have to work extra hard. 
  • Avoid overloading. Your chiller should not be too packed with drinks and beverages that air is no longer circulating as it should be. Keep in mind that if the unit is too full, the motor will work harder, resulting in a reduced lifespan.
  • Clean occasionally. Clean your chiller as you would your refrigerator to keep it in tip-top shape. It is also a good opportunity to check for issues and damage so you can attend to them right away.


Air Conditioner

A trusty air conditioner is one of the most important appliances you can ever own because it helps everyone in your home stay cool and comfortable when the heat index in your locality rises. Keep your aircon in great shape by observing the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean your aircon filter regularly. The filter blocks dirt, dust, and debris, which is why you should clean it every two weeks under normal conditions. If you live in a dusty community, clean it more often. By doing this simple maintenance tip, your aircon can function more efficiently while consuming less energy.
  • Take care of the coils. Besides paying attention to the aircon filter, you should also check the evaporator and condenser coils regularly so that you can clean them if needed.
  • Inspect the electrical parts. Check for loose terminals or exposed wires every time you plug your air conditioner. If something is amiss, hire a professional to fix the problem immediately to prevent more damage.

The cooling appliances in your home are worthy investments as they contribute to your family’s overall wellbeing. That is why you should give them the proper attention to keep them running efficiently and for longer. Consider the maintenance tips above, and you will certainly extend the lifespan of these valuable home appliances.

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