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KATI-ALIS! Most Effective Pimple Spot Treatment (shh it’s so cheap you’d be surprised!)

This review is 2 years overdue. A lot of my readers have been asking what’s the best anti pimple spot treatment or cream to use. There are hundreds of products to choose from in the market and trust me, I have tried a lot. But I always ended up with this reliable multipurpose product that has actually been with us since the 1950’s and your lola and lolo would surely know this. Do you know it na? Full REVIEW below.

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Personal Note: This is also an ode to my old blog “When Chic Hits the Pan” where I started blogging from scratch I did some minor changes on the site if any of you would notice. My posts would go back to its roots to. Just like this post. I mean, Kati-Alis doesn’t even do any shameless promotion because they survive in the market because they have quality. I always say I miss writing about this and that but what do I do? Still end up commercializing. Now I think I’ll just do it. I started it by replacing the “top blogs” link at the bottom of this page na lang. Keeping it for sentimental reasons. I want to chill. Relax.
Yesterday, Cleo and I had a conversation in the FX and told me I looked tired already. He said “Hey, diba hobby mo lang ang blog? Wag mo gawing trabaho yan. Enjoyin mo lang” I became so competitive to be on top that I forgot the essence of it all. Today is a new day for KikaySiKat. Thus the “new” everything.

Ta-da! KatiAlis Ointment Antibacterial/Antifungal Cream. You can buy this at any drugstore and the smallest size costs around 20 pesos only. I finally got the chance to feature this product because I had clear skin for a long time, until now that I suddenly had that breakout moment. Pun intended. I get pimples. I’m not flawless every single day.

Can you spot my pimples? They’re cystic with pus too! O diba bongga #nomakeup


It’s a multipurpose cream intended for prickly heat, eczema, dandruff, pimples, ringworm, tinea flava (an-an), athlete’s foot, external hemorrhoids, and insect bites. I haven’t used it for any purpose except for pimples.


  • Sulfur – Antifungal, antibacterial. Wards off acne and wrinkles.
  • Zinc Oxide – Calming ingredient. Makes redness subside. Sunscreen.
  • Resorcinol – Disinfectant and exfoliant. Peels off dead skincells.
  • Salicylic Acid – A betahydroxy acid that dries pimples and has a mild exfoliation effect to the skin. DRYING.

All of these are in a creamy and fluffy petrolatum base.


For pimples, I just use it like a spot treatment (see photo below)
I don’t care if they see me in the office with white spots. The office is my 2nd home.


This baby dries my pimples OVERNIGHT. You heard it right folks, overnight. But it will take around 3-5 days for it to completely disappear and flake off to oblivion. It’s always in my bedroom stash in case of any acne emergencies. Reliable. Effective. Cheap. It’s lovingly local and proudly pinoy made.  I suggest you to get one yourself too!
Let me know how this works for you.  I love it to bits. Leave your feedback below.
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Take care beautiful person. Come again soon! – Kaycee


  • MommyCharm

    Haha. I knew it was KatiAlis! That red cover is so familiar (^-^)

    My first encounter with KatiAlis when I was in senior high school was horrible. I applied it on my pimples (like, 20 of them were on my face back then) and left them overnight. The following day, I was walking around the campus with a swollen face. Prolly I had some allergic reaction but a couple of days after, the skin started to get darker and voila! The skin peeled off and yes, I had clearer skin.

    The next time I tried it was when I was already working (4 years ago maybe) and the same thing happened. I just had to endure three days of redness but after that, everything's good.

    Now I think I'll buy another one bcoz my two-month old pimp marks on my left cheek wouldn't seem to go away in another month or two.

    Did you experience anything like mine? I mean, swelling, redness and stinging sensation on your face Miss Kaycee?

  • MommyCharm

    Been hearing so many good things about this mask from Leaders Insolution. But Miss Kaycee, di ba sya nag-dry up kahit one hour mo sya nilagay sa face mo? And jeez, how I wish my colleagues would tolerate me working beside them with a mask on! Haha. Astig! Face mask sa work =)

    It's just a bit pricey compared to the other masks that I use but definitely worth a try, I think. Well, as soon as my Dermal and Skin Note masks are finished, I'll try even just one oif this!

  • Rae

    Excited for future this change and for future posts, Kaycee! What do I call you pala, Kat or Kaycee. On my phone, you're Kat. 😛

    I used this in my teens along with Dr. Wong's sulfur soap 😀 Dami ko kasing allergies. I like that there's minor peeling a day or two after you apply this on pimples and rashes, parang 'skin renewed'. Pero ngayon I use tea tree to spot treat.

  • flarelina

    wow 🙂 I'm gonna give it a try. i don't know what's on my face it's either pimples or rashes. I've started to have these things a month after using kojic soap I really don't know. Thanks miss Kikay 🙂 Anyways, do you have any recommendation for blackheads ? nose strip / nose pack. 🙂 Good day and Godbless

  • Maui

    Hi. 🙂 Do you know any effective treatment for keloid scars? I recently suffered an accident and ended up with a small keloid scar on my hand. I'm fair skinned and the scar sticks out so bad. :((

  • Cookie Mcjingles

    Hi, would like to ask if using relumins alone effective poh ba? Or i have to take it with relumins vit c? Thanks!

  • kikaysikat

    I suggest using EREASE for scars, then rosehip oil for healing. I will make a separate feature for Erase soon..

  • kikaysikat

    I texted you! Ako hindi sakin tumatalab tea tree, as in kahit ilang beses ko na triny iba ibang brands, pero at least natural naiinggit nga ako sa mga hiyang sa tea tree..

    oo sis, napagod din kaya magpost pag utang na loob mo yung product :))

  • Francis T

    the day after i read this post, bumili ako ng katialis as i have some breakouts. Talagang effective siya. I applied it at 12am and kahit 3.5 hours lang tulog ko since i have early ojt work, nagdry talaga yung pimple ko. As in! Right now as i comment, it's gone. Ang galing! Thank you Kaycee for recommending this, ikaw na! It's P28 pesos pala for the smallest size sa mercury drug. It's so cheap and effective compared compared to what i'm using before.

  • Maranatha Gracel

    Hello Sis! Nagtimpla na ako kagabi ng bleaching cream. I used Alaska evaporated filled milk (small can), hydrogen peroxide 3% 10vol (generic), 2 egg whites, and grated Ivory soap bar. Ang dali i-apply sa buong katawan and NO STING! Sinimulan ko muna sa legs pataas kasi kung may maramdaman na akong hapdi, hindi ko na sana ituloy ang pag-apply pero napakamild lang. 30mins lang nakababad sa skin ko kasi nakakainip maghintay, and baka umiyak na si baby. Parang gusto ko araw-arawin for faster result. Pero tanong ko lang, ok lang ba gawin yun daily? Kasi yung nauusong bleaching cream 7 consecutive days. Nilagay ko siya sa clear na plastic tub then binalot ko ng plastic then nilagay sa crisper sa ref. Pero thankful ako at ni-share mo itong bleaching cream mixture. Mura na, enjoy gawin at alam ko kung anong nilalagay ko sa katawan ko. 🙂

  • kikaysikat

    Hi sis
    your'e welcome! ang saya ko naging effective sayo yung formula! ituloy tuloy mo lang yan 🙂 I'm always happy to help! thank you din sa pag-share ng experience mo 🙂

  • kikaysikat

    Hi Francis,
    Wow! You're welcome! ^_^ Masya ko nakatulong ako, I really like sharing products na I know effective for me. Naku 28php na pala sya, I need to update my post 🙂

  • Maui

    Any brand of rosehip oil that you can recommend? 🙂 Also, I went to Watson's earlier and saw 2 variants of Erase. The Diamond and another one. Which one of them should I get? 🙂 Btw, thanks a lot for replying! I appreciate it.

  • ScrumptiousDova

    Hi Kikay, I found Opensnap. It somehow works like Instagram for food. I think its really cool, I found a section there for vegetarian restaurans

  • shaina

    Hi thanks for sharing this, nakabili na ako ingredients. Tatanong ko lang kung ilang ml ilalagay na hydrogen peroxide? 1 small can of milk ang ilalagay ko 🙂

  • pery katty

    Hi good pm po.. Asking ko lng po kung nababanat ba tlga ung skin.. Nag try kc ako ng Bleaching formula mo..tanx po

  • Stef

    Hi ate! Does this work for back acne? What do you recommend po for back acne? Grabe kasi yung likod ko, di naman siya actually pimples, parang marks nalang. Sobrang mahal kasi pag sa derma e 🙁

  • Keithy Quitoriano

    hi sissies…shes right,this one is a very affordable for us also convenient sa mga mommies no need to go derma clinic,DIY. Sobrang trending sa social medias ang bleaching na yan guaranteed effective .kaya naisip ko din mag benta online ng DIY SECRET FORMULA BLEACH FOR SKIN.
    OR u can buy this in a pack good for 1 usage in a microwaveable plastc bowl kau na lng mghahalo.
    u can reach me thru viber 09173691203
    email;[email protected]

  • kikaysikat

    it also works for bacne! ^_^ kaso palagay mo sa iba.

    Oh may kati-alis soap dear! you can use that for your bacne 🙂

  • Leah Viaño Dela Peña

    hi sis.. ask ko lng kc ung nabili kong hydrogen peroxide is 20volumes and kulay bkue cia pero rhea.. pwede na din ba un?

  • Lezaj Salohcin Somar

    I used the same method before and I want to do it again. Effective sa akin 5 years ago, nag stop lang ako dahil naging busy ako. My friend shared to me the same ingredients. Gagawin ko ulet since I'm always at home.

  • kikaysikat

    Nakasulat na po sa post ko exact amount… 🙂 Pero ok lang kung tantsa tantsa basta wag madami yung hydrogen peroxide kasi matapang sha

  • Elena Cagulada Alberto

    Hi kikay, kakatapos ko lng gawin ung bleaching cream, i used 150ml milk at 15ml hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, ivory soap and 2 eggwhites, binabad ko sa skin ko for almost 1 hr. Is it normal n parang namumula ung skin ko, hindi nmn makati

  • andiie

    Hi po. Nagtry ako kagabi nito saka kaninang umaga. Hindi rhea ung nabili kong hydrogen peroxide.okay lang po ba yun? Wala naman po reaction sa skin ko kaya dinagdagan ko ung amount ng HP. Okay lang kahit hindi rhea? And kelan po ba tunaw na tunaw ung soap(i used dove instead of ivory bcoz of availability) thanks miss kat for answer ☺

  • Mae

    Hi po.. nka buy po ako ng hydrogen peroxide..10% color blue.. 60 ml.. ilan po ba ilalagay ko sa bleach…laht po ba? Or mga 4 na tasa? Iba2x kc sagot..pakisagot please

  • Chaira May Catimbang

    very effective first use ko palang.. super smooth skin after One and a half hour.. medyo malansa lang ung egg white pero keri na.. #tiisganda 🙂 .. thanks kikaysikat.. i will use this every now and then

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