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16 Ways to Wear a Sneaker and Slay

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Odd and surprising, it’s by the time I became a “fit buff” or “gym rat” that I learned to love and enjoy wearing sneakers. I used to be a high-heels kinda girl and will wear those damn stilettos everywhere even if they cause me pain. Sores and all. I was browsing around for inspiration on how to wear sneakers and still look glamorous. Thanks to Lookbook.NU and these stylish fashionista residents there for these inspirations (the last one is me tho! hahaha)

Trivia: My favorite brand of sneakers/rubbershoes are Chuck Taylors by Converse. The brand is now co-owned by Nike. They’re comfy as hell, and I can wear them with ANYTHING. I also don’t have to worry about it being dirty because it looks better as it ages.


#16 – Make your neutral OOTD pop with a playful pair of purple.



#15 – Sheer is sexy



#14 – Modern way of wearing 60’s fashion



#13 – Black and white.



#12 – Grays



#11 – Playfully Pretty. Sweater + Frilly Skirt + Sunnies



#10 – Crop Top + Jogger Pants + Sunnies + Sneakers of course.



#9 – Green dress + Classic Hat + Red Bag + Chuck Taylors = Love



#8 – Chill. Denim + Red never fails to impress.



#7 – An oversized coat + floral mini + New Balance Sneakers = perfection



#6 – Who knew you can wear sneakers to work. Pair with a pencil skirt + lacey top. Make sure your sneakers are neutral colored and plain.



#5 – Slip into something comfortable. Pair it with a soft sweater + white shirt + black leggings



#4 – Play with Mint Pastels



#3 – All black ensemble + Adidas



#2 – Leather Jacket + Black Skirt + Yellow Sneakers



#1 – Shift Dress + Ribbons + Pink + Lacey Sneakers



There you have it folks! I hope you find my fashion entry today useful and cheers to more sneaker love!

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