20 Easy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s a week from mother’s day, do you have a gift yet? This is another impulsive impromptu post because I myself haven’t bought one yet for my mom. Mom’s are the best! Imagine all the effort they’ve been through in making sure we grow up to be decent human beings LOL. They deserve all the primp and pampering we can provide so here are some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that’s perfect even in the year 3000.

 Okay, if you don’t agree with my ideas I also shared a few DIY’s at the bottom of the page so do scroll down until the bottom.

OH PS, this 2016 Mother’s Day falls on the 8th. You’re welcome! ^_^

From a Student

We don’t have money. We struggle to save our allowances to attend to music festivals and events. (okay I shouldn’t include myself I’m a tita na LOL). You want to make your mom feel special albeit the financial frenzy.
1. GOOD GRADES – Yes. Please study hard. This is enough to make her happy. If it’s too late to show-off your grades, at least pass your summer class eh?
2. DON’T GET PREGNANT – Your parents are working hard to let you finish school. Please control yourself. If you can’t please take precautionary measures. Contraceptives and avoid f*ckboys from Tinder.
3. MAKE HER A CARD THAT SAYS – I will get good grades and will not get pregnant until after I make a good living. I love you mom.

From a Working Girl

You work hard. Your mom raised you to be the modern millennial that you are. She deserves all the loving and reward her for her efforts in raising you. Were you able to save enough? Good!
1. An authentic piece of luxury accessory like a bag or wallet. It’s pretty generic I suppose but it’s nice to let your mom reap and feel luxurious sometimes don’t you agree? Make sure it’s authentic, I do have some guides how to spot a fake.
2. A complete make-up kit for someone in her 40’s-50’s
3. A complete skincare set
  • Facial Wash
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

From the Rich and Fabulous

Oooh! You’re so lucky you’re in the Class A-B crowd. I wish I had more friends like you! Haha, kidding aside. Looks like you have the moolah to give your mom whatever money can buy but you know what? Your mom already knows that. Surprise her by getting her things your money can’t buy.
1. STAYCATION – Ask her out on a “Stay-cation” weekend complete with spa treatments. Nothing beats rest and relaxation with a loved one. Oh not to mention the quality T-I-M-E.
2. TRAVEL – Is your mom still active? Go out and try an easy hike. The experience will make your bond stronger.
3. HOME COOKED – If you’re still too busy to go out cook her a lavish meal. If you don’t know how to cook there are lots of tutorials or not. Whether it’s edible or not, it’s the thought that counts.


Simply trace your hands on felt cloth, cut it and sew it on any pillow case. So easy to make. Full tutorial here.
Homemade Cookie Butter Jar (full how-to here)
Made with Love Hair Ties
We practically lose one each day so why not give your mom a lifetime supply? Kidding haha. Learn more here.
Stone Spa Mat
Simply glue stones on a rubber mat and ta-da!!! Make her feel like she’s always in a spa at home. Full info here.
Why I Love You Flipbook Keychain
Despite your shortcomings, remind her you still love her with this carry-on keychain. How to make one here.
Sweet Treats Emergency Stash
Fill a medicine box with candies and chocolates instead of usual meds LOL. Full deets here.
WHEW. That’s it pancit (noodles). Enjoy and always remember. Moments are more precious than photographs.

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