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Leptin Teatox 28 Days Review (Before & After)

Hey guys! I hope you’re not surprised that I’m posting a “diet tea” review on my blog. Despite my regular workout and attempts at healthy eating. I’ve been working out for the longest time. You know that! But my biggest concern that won’t budge is… *drumroll* BLOATED STOMACH aka popularly known as puson.

leptin teatox

I’m wary of all these fat-loss supplements around the market today so I want to make sure before writing a review on a product. That it’s safe, effective, and I’ve personally tried! Today I’m reviewing Leptin Teatox 28-Day Morning Cleanse and Night Cleanse (2ooophp). You can get this at Magic Potions Online or conveniently at Lazada.

You can watch my VLOG below or read my detailed review up until the end of this post 🙂


What it Does

Detoxifies the body; speeds up metabolism;

  • LeptinTeatox Morning Boost 28-day Weight Loss Tea: A metabolism and energy-boosting tea
  • LeptinTeatox Night Cleanse 28-day Weight Loss Tea: An appetite and bloating- reducing tea

Leptin Teatox Ingredients

LeptinTeatox Morning Boost: Green Tea, Yerba Mate Leaf, Lime Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Rhubarb Root &Goji Berries

leptin teatox

LeptinTeatox Night Cleanse: Hawthorn Berries, Lotus Leaf, Lime Leaf Extract, Senna Leaf, Psyllium Husk &PoriaCocos Stem Bark


Leptin Teatox Review

  • Packaging – Each tea set comes in a resealable ziplock bag. Inside are small individual tea bags
  • Ingredients – They’re all natural, safe, and no harmful side effects when used according to instructions
  • Dosage – 1 morning tea bag a day and you can use the 1 night tea when needed
  • Taste – The morning tea tastes like mild green tea. The night tea has a bit of pungent aroma. Nothing bitter.
  • Effects – The morning tea gave me more energy the entire day, my cravings for junks and sweets was reduced. Evening tea made me relaxed and sleep better. However I did bowel movement 3-4x the following day
  • Who do I recommend this to? People who have a stubborn tummy belly, constipated, and those who are bloated.

Where to buy?

Buy Leptin Teatox at Lazada

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