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3 Advantages of Owning a Popcorn Machine 

3 Advantages of Owning a Popcorn Machine

Who doesn’t love popcorn? This simple, yet versatile, treat has long been an essential accompaniment to the film watching experience, whether in the cinema or at home on the sofa. Slowly but surely, popcorn has evolved, it has entered our homes and is now packaged in a variety of easy to prepare formulations.

Many adults can still remember a time when popcorn was prepared on the stove, and some people still find this method of preparation more authentic. However, the trend these days has moved towards microwavable bags which prioritise speed and convenience above all else. These are great for saving time, and they allow kids to prepare their own without having to worry about the hazards of a kitchen stove (just make sure they’re careful opening the bag!). But one thing missing from these methods is getting to actually watch the popcorn pop! Come on, admit it, no matter how grown up and mature you have become you still enjoy getting to see those corn kernels pop and jump.

A popcorn maker with a see-through body gives you the best of all worlds and allows you to watch the process unfold. Kids will love the ease of use, while grownups will appreciate the quality of the final product. Here are some of the reasons that a dedicated popcorn maker is a worthwhile purchase for any popcorn eating family or individual.

Better Tasting

There is no debating which tastes better; fresh corn or pre-packaged. Most people will add salt, butter, or some other topping to their popcorn to give it some flavour, after all it is a rather bland food on its own. Despite this, the difference in taste and quality when popcorn is made from fresh corn is like night and day! A popcorn maker doesn’t have to be a hassle or be expensive. If you opt for options such as the VonShef popcorn machine you can fulfil your popcorn needs without breaking the bank and still satisfy your taste buds. The popcorn machine allows you to use fresh corn and therefore enjoy the full taste of your snack. The VonShef also lets you see inside as your corn is popping; kids in particular will appreciate being able to watch this happen.

With a popcorn machine you will also find it much easier to avoid burning your snack. The machine requires no oils or fats to run, further improving the taste and healthiness of the final product.

Child Friendly

We all want to encourage our children to learn and develop independence, particularly in the kitchen. However, the kitchen is a minefield of potential danger and mishap for young children, and of course safety should always be a top priority. Therefore, a popcorn machine provides kids with something that is both fun and easy to use, removing the hazards associated with using the stove. Popcorn machines also allow the user to experiment with adding salt, butter, bacon, cheese, anything they choose! This will get your kids thinking creatively and discovering new tastes.

Great for Fundraisers

If you have kids, then you are probably used to the various school fetes and fundraising events that are scattered throughout the school year. Many of us would like to do more to help out at these events, especially when the proceeds are going to worthy causes. With a popcorn machine you will be able to produce a popular treat and be part of the overall effort.

If you love popcorn, then there really is no excuse for making the modest investment in a popcorn machine!

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