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Lower Body Fat in 2 Months [Fitness]

It’s on! John Castle and I are betting on who’s going to lose the most body fat percentage in 2 months.
We used a physical bodyfat caliper from Accumeasure to measure our body fat.

Current Measurements
KikaysiKat: 24.5% 40%
John Castle: 20%

Are you familiar with the fat and weight measure scale available in Mercury Drug? I wonder how accurate that is because I scored a whopping 40%! Unbelievable! I couldn’t imagine almost half my body composition is made out of fat.

Both of us are knowledge junkies so we’d use different strategies on how to lose the fat and build the muscle. I’m planning to go partly-primal combined with If It Fits Your Macros, strength training and occasional HIIT when I can’t go to the gym.

There are many many ways one can lose body fat. From high carb low fat high protein diet, high fat high protein low carb, low everything, if it fit your macros, clean eating, carb cycling, paleo, primal, fasting, ketogenic diet. You can do all sorts of weight loss techniques but the only thing that matters most is your consistency and dedication in staying in your diet and hitting the gym. No excuses. But IF you really really do not have the time to go to the gym to use the equipment, or you don’t have an hour to exercise, a good alternative is the TABATA to burn fat fast, it takes less than 10 minutes for a total body workout. It may not be the best, but something is always better than nothing.

A huge disadvantage of mine is that at the end of the day, I get too tired or lazy to go to the gym or even exercise! Hay! I need to get consistent in order to beat him (and achieve a better and fitter looking body!)

It’s so hard to stay healthy when there’s so many yummy food to eat no? It’s all about discipline and consistency. Good luck to us! As we always say, dieting always starts tomorrow . Good luck and cheers to anyone whos also going through a healthy lifestyle.

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