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3 DIY Gorgeous Hairstyles to Make You Look Chic Fast

You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist in order to make your hair look fantastic for a special occasion. Moreover, you don’t even need to have a few hours to work on it in order to achieve that result. Simply master the following hairstyles and you’ll be able to make yourself look stylish, elegant, and chic in moments. The best thing about them is that these styles are versatile and can be easily adjusted using accessories and some styling tricks. This means that you can make them fit any occasion, be it a business meeting or a surprise date.

Low Rolled Bun

A low rolled bun is a style that will work for anyone with medium-to-long hair. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make a low rolled bun in under a minute. At least, this time will be enough for a messy style.

However, you can dress it up easily making your low bun very neat and sleek. Use beautiful pins to make it fit an outing to a fancy restaurant or party. Or you can keep it simple and pull out two strips of hair to frame your face. This will be a great look for a day in the office or a meeting where you need to look sophisticated and serious.

To make the basic low rolled bun, make a low ponytail fixing it with an elastic. Then, roll up your hair into the shape you want and secure it with bobby pins. Fix the whole thing with some hairspray when you are done.


Ponytail is the king of hairstyles as it can fit any occasion. It can also be a great choice for second-day hair, or even a third. What’s more, you can look stunning with this style even if you don’t have the length for it. To do this, you can use ponytail extensions of 20’’ and beyond. This will give you the signature look of Ariana Grande. In fact, it’s a trick many celebrities use, even for red carpet events.

High, low, medium-high, messy, sleek, decorated with pearls, flowers, ribbons, or even a timeless scrunchy. You can make a ponytail in dozens of styles and give some kind of unique twist to it that will be personal to you. This hairstyle looks great on anyone and can truly fit any situation. To make it look romantic, give the ponytail texture with curls or add Dutch or French braids into the mix. A sleek low or medium-high ponytail is a great choice for corporate events and meetings. If you are going to a party where you want to draw attention, mimic the aforementioned Ariana Grande with a high ponytail tied with a colorful silk scarf.

Experiment with different styles to see which complements your natural looks best. And stock up on accessories to give this hairstyle more personality. Ponytail usually requires very little styling products, or none at all if you are going for a messy look.

Half Updo

Half-up and half-down, or simply referred to as half updo, this hairstyle is for when you want to look elegant and romantic. It’s a style loved by the royalty, which only proves that it fits a true lady.

To make a half updo you only need to separate your hair in two and then use an elastic or pins to fix the upper half. This is where you can let your imagination play as styling the upper half of your hair will allow you to transform your look from romantic to elegant to sophisticated.

The best for a romantic look is to braid your hair. You can lake two small braids on the sides that will connect in the middle or make side French or Dutch braids. You can also add volume to the lower part of your hair that is loose by using hair extensions. Rolled-up half updo with lots of texture and beach waves on the loose hair will also look perfect for a romantic night. And you can add details like studded pins or flowers to look like a fairy princess.

If you want to use this style when going to some business event, leave off the curls. Instead, straighten your locks perfectly and fix the upper half with some small but elegant accessory. This will allow you to look stylish and feminine, yet sophisticated.

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