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Tattoo Parlor in Manila – Kulture of Ink

It was around 3 weeks ago when a friend of mine posted a photo of her new tattoo on instagram. It was a fox from “The Little Prince” and it’s in watercolor style. I’ve been aching to get a back tatoo since forever but haven’t been able to find the right artist and the right design for one so it came to a halt.
When I saw my friend’s tattoo, I immediately asked her where she got it. The tattoo artist is Ana from Kulture of Ink Tattoo Parlor in Anonas. Oooh perfect she’s a girl! I prefer a lady artist to tattoo on my back since it’s a more private location compared to my arms (My first tattoo was a feather pen and I got it at Ink Asia Tattoo Parlor in Boni) She’s doing tattoo for around 2 years and has an expertise on watercolors since she’s also an artist.
We had a discussion and I told her I want something soft, feminine, using colors such as pink, blue and purple (oh ha ang kikay talaga kahit tattoo!) and to put in symbolic icons to blend it all together.
We originally wanted to design it in a cube or square form but she advised me it would look more feminine if we made it diamond-shaped but softer, and make the colors look like dripping. It would make the watercolor tattoo look more like a painting (me likey!)


Their tattoo shop is very feminine and comfy. A lot of soft couches if you have a friend who’s going to wait for your whole grueling tattoo process.


It took more or less 2 hours to have this done. It wasn’t painful at first but during the final seconds I really wanted to give up. It was mixed feelings of my body being fatigued, and the needles pricking over and over on my spine made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.


This is the finished work for now and I love it. The healing process for any tattoo is quite strenous because it peels 2x. The first layer is so itchy you really have to control scratching or else it will ruin your beautiful tattoo. The second layer is tolerable.

I’m still going to update this because there’s a pending 2nd session for another layer of watercolors and defining the icons. Can you guess what the small icons mean? 🙂


Fine I’ll tell you the icon legend
Star – Because I’m a star! I want to be famous! 🙂
Musical Note – Because I love music and singing
7 – First letter of my unico ijo Geof
11 – K of course!
Rose – The beauty of a blooming flower among thorns, beauty despite hardships
3 – C for Camille!
Butterfly – Inspired by the book hope for the flowers, a story of a catterpillar afraid from change but accepted it when she realized change is inevitable and good.
Flame – I’m a spitfire! Rawr!



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