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3 Famous Celebrities who Achieved a Natural and Refined Face Lift

When you think about having plastic surgery, your mind might immediately jump to the rare horror stories that are plastered on the front page of tabloids about patients who rendered themselves unrecognisable. While it’s true that some people can opt for too many procedures, it’s by no means the norm when it comes to improving your appearance with a little surgical intervention. 

As we all live longer and more prosperously, it’s inevitable that we also want to turn back the years that are etched on our face and there’s nothing wrong with a person wanting to transform! Cosmetic surgery offers the ideal solution with a few natural and subtle adjustments as evidenced by these top celebrities:

Kris Jenner

The Kardashian clan never shies away from interventions of any kind, whether those are dietary supplements and cleanses or the opportunity to try out new beauty procedures. Thankfully, Kris Jenner is no exception in her family, and she took the plunge with a televised facelift several years ago.

The family matriarch opted for a restorative procedure that left her looking like herself, but just a bit younger. A good surgeon like the one Kris Jenner opted for will be able to refine your features and tighten your skin without making you look like a completely different person when you wake up. 

At Vera Clinic, we can offer expert advice on the best cosmetic surgery procedure to help you reflect on the outside the youthfulness and vigour that you feel on the inside. 

2. Jane Fonda

Who could forget this icon of female empowerment and strength? Whether it’s her spellbinding acting, her inspiring fitness videos, or her dynamic political activism, everything Jane Fonda touches seems to turn to gold. 

It’s no surprise, therefore, that when she opted for a facelift several decades ago she ensured that she picked a professional who could achieve an understated and sophisticated result. Jane has been open about her penchant for surgical interventions, which have also included eye procedures and a chin lift, but has made a point to note that she always seeks to enhance her features and not lose any facial detail. 

Jane Fonda is a prime example of how a facelift procedure can improve your youthfulness without looking ‘plastic’. As she once stated about her cosmetic surgery choices: “They bought me an extra 10 years.” This kind of revolutionary result is open to anyone with our advanced facelift capabilities. 

3. Linda Nolan 

If you often turn on your TV in the morning to catch up with Loose Women, you might have already caught Linda Nolan discussing her impressive facelift results. A member of the hit musical group The Nolans, and sister of host Coleen, she has described how she opted to rejuvenate her skin recently.

After facing a lifetime of physical and mental health battles, Linda decided to reinvigorate herself with a subtle enhancement to her facial features. She has talked movingly about how the procedure has helped to restore her happiness and give her a new lease of life. 

If you would also like to dial back time while still looking like yourself, an experienced surgeon at Vera Clinic will be able to use reliable techniques to achieve your desired result. Give us a call today to book a facelift consultation and begin your journey to a fresher, more confident you.

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