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3 Helpful Tips for your Dream Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon can be a cinch if you know how to do it right. Maximize the world wide web for this — search for dream honeymoon destinations and scour the internet for honeymoon deals. You can also use our 3 helpful tips to help you plan for that dream honeymoon.

1. Always Plan Ahead

A good rule of thumb: Plan your honeymoon 8 months prior to the travel dates. This way you can do careful planning. Remember that this will be your dream destination — you need to do it right.

The first thing you need is a budget. How much are you actually willing to spend on your honeymoon? Decide whether you want to use a travel agent to help you plan for it; it’s good to work with them as they are familiar with how it works and they can give you an estimate of how much the entire honeymoon would cost you.

Decide where you want to go. Are you planning to go out of the country? Make sure you both renew your passports. Find out if you need a visa to get to a particular country. If you travel locally, decide if you are going to the beach and scour hotel deals early.

Book your accommodations and plane tickets as early as possible. You can save more if you book in advance. It would also help you to purchase travel insurance if you are traveling abroad. Ensure you get the proper vaccinations as well. Talk to your doctor about this.

Create an Itinerary Together

As soon as you have booked a hotel and your plane tickets, plan your itinerary ahead of time. Do this at least a few months before the travel dates.

Depending on where you want to go, you may want to schedule and book transportations early. If you are going to the beach, make a list of the activities that you want to do and contact the hotel and see if you can book these activities in advance.

If you are going on a cultural trip, buy tickets to museums or architectural sites ahead of time. Planning to visit a Michelin star restaurant? Book a table as early as a few months before your scheduled trip.

Always Confirm Everything

Finalize everything one month before the travel dates. Confirm transportation, car rentals, hotel and restaurant reservations, museum tickets, spa appointments and everything else you might need.

Write a packing list as well. Do you need new luggage or a camera for your honeymoon? List all the items that you need including wedding gifts for your significant others.

Two weeks before the travel dates, make sure you have all the documentation that you need. Make copies of it and list important phone numbers that you will need, especially if you are traveling abroad.

A day before, confirm the hotel again and check the weather and make sure you have everything that you need for your dream honeymoon.

Final Thoughts

If your honeymoon is right after your wedding, you will likely be very busy planning for both. You need all the help that you can get. Hire a wedding planner to help you plan your dream wedding. The latter can also help you with your photoshoot and wedding invitations with photos. It’s a good practice to always confirm everything to ensure success.

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