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4 Reasons Video Advertising is Worth the Money and Effort

Video is one of the most exciting forms of online advertising today. Thanks to the fact that production costs have never been more affordable, even small business owners can create and deploy videos that will serve them well for a long time. If you are still a little skeptical, here are a few reasons to seriously consider adding Acuity video advertising to your marketing effort.

Appealing to Multiple Learning Styles

Educators are well-versed in what is known as VAKT learning. This simply identifies the primary ways that most people relate to information presented to them. The majority of people learn by seeing things (visual), hearing things (auditory), movement (kinesthetic) and by touch (tactile.) The nice thing about using video as part of your mobile advertising strategy is that you directly capture three of these four modes of learning. A video provides something to see, movement to detect, and something to hear. Since most people tend to be primarily visual and auditory when it comes to learning, you definitely have something that will capture attention.

Device Friendly in More Than One Way

Videos work well in many different online environments. You can deploy them on sites devoted to videos, your own website or blog, or your social media pages. Along with the locations online, those videos can also be accessed on multiple devices. That’s important given the fact that people often use more than one device to make use of the Internet.

For example, your mobile advertising effort is enhanced when you utilize video. Something that looks great on a smartphone screen is likely to work just as well on a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop screen. You may even be able to use that same video to create traditional television commercials. Think of this approach as creating a resource you can use in multiple settings with little to no changes.

Easy to Share

Advertising experts have long known that creating ads that people can share easily is crucial. Nothing is easier to share than a video. Whether sharing the link to the video through email, on social media, or even a text message, you have a resource that interested parties can pass on with just a few quick steps. Even as you take care in how and where your Acuity video advertising is placed, you are also making it simpler for fans of your company to share that video with their friends and others in their social circle.

Search Engines Love Video

There is no doubt that video is something the major search engines love. Given how many people conduct Internet searches using smartphones, you definitely want video as part of your mobile advertising campaign. The right type of video, coupled with a relevant description including keyword phrases that are currently popular, will go a long way to ensuring your videos show up near the top of search engine results.

Do you want to try video but are not sure how to get started? An advertising expert can help you come up with a plan, create the scripting, and help with the creation. Once you see how much traffic that video generates, you will never question the effectiveness of this advertising approach again.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, please do comment below. If you have feedbacks, suggestions, comments. Basically, it makes my heart fuzzy to know you were here :)

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