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Unique Summer Vacation Ideas

The summer is here, and Americans are exploring what their options might be for summer vacation. Most Americans like the idea of travel and Millennials are a demographic that especially values the idea of experiences over things.

So what are some out-of-the-ordinary summer vacation and travel ideas to consider this year?

Rent an RV

RVs have become incredibly popular, and they’re a great way to see the country and avoid the inevitably long lines at airport security that occur in the summer.

Renting an RV has benefits including flexibility in how you travel, and the ability to save money. For example, the average rental price for an RV in Chicago is only 173.12 a night.

New technology has also made it extremely easy to rent an RV from someone who owns it, and then you can hit the road.

Some of the road trips that are among the most popular with travelers include the Pacific Coast Highway along the coast of California, the classic cross-country trip, and trips across particular regions like the Midwest or the Southeast.

The Wild West

Modern travelers increasingly embrace the idea of the rugged outdoors and a sense of adventure when making travel plans.

A way to do this is to travel out west in the U.S. and visit one of the many resorts or ranches the area has to offer. Wyoming and Montana are two states with no shortage of beautiful scenery and adventurous places to stay.

Activity options include everything from cowboy activities to hiking and whitewater rafting.

Last-Minute Cruises

The idea of taking a summer cruise might seem like something that’s not necessarily adventurous, but it can be. Choose a cruise itinerary that takes you somewhere unique, such as Alaska. Waiting until the last minute to book a cruise can be advantageous as well.

Some of the best deals when it comes to booking a cruise tend to be 60 to 90 days before departure.

You can also work with a travel agent, who may have insider last-minute deals and discounts you can take advantage of.

European Hotspots

For travelers who want to leave the U.S., two of the most popular places to visit right now are Portugal and Spain.

Portugal is budget-friendly, offers beautiful beaches in many of the areas, galleries, restaurants, culture and more. You get all of the amazing cultural elements that Europe is known for, but at a much lower price than you would if you went elsewhere such as France or England.

The same goes for Spain. Spain isn’t as inexpensive as Portugal, but still offers some good bargains and cities like Madrid and Barcelona have stunning architecture and amazing museums.

Finally, have you explored what America’s big cities have to offer? Sometimes cities like Boston, New York, Houston and others are overlooked when making travel plans, but the summer can be a good time to see these places. They’re actually not as crowded during the summer in many cases, and you don’t have to worry about the weather issues you would in winter in the northern cities.

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