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REVIEW: Likas Papaya Whitening Soap (2024)

*updated 11/25/2018

Here you go guys, a review on my HG whitening soap. Me and my cousins have been using this since we were in 4th grade! I stray away sometimes and try out other soaps, but when the need arises and need something that really works I go and buy this one even if it is pricey 79php+ per bar  ($1.50). Now let’s don’t go to the “color issue”


Ayan, to be honest kaya kami na-convince gamitin to dahil kay April Boy Regino. Whenever he’s into guestings and people ask him how he lightened his skin, he always raves about Likas Papaya Soap! And he’s not even their endorser.


How to know if your Likas Papaya Soap is Original / Authentic

Some people want to be tan, some people want to be light, some people want to be in between. I just really look dirty tan so I want to be whiter. Peace everyone!


What I Like

  • It’s fragrance-free
  • True to its word, it does whiten skin
  • Natural (as it says in the box)
  • Dries up and prevents acne (even bacne yup yup!)
  • Lasts long, doesn’t melt as fast as other soaps
  • Easy to find
    • In the Philippines it can be bought almost anywhere
    • International readers, kindly check out amazon and ebay, beware of fake sellers

What I don’t Like

  • Quite drying, please use a moisturizer after using (I use oils!)
  • Expensive for a bar of soap
  • They don’t write down the ingredients list in the box (please is it that hard to list down Likas people?)




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